More fake conservative hysteria

Add it to the list of fakes:

Fraudulent elections in the US
Nazis in Ukraine
Teachers turning our kids into trans
BLM riots
Deep state
Fake news

The list goes on and on and on

How about

“Blacks being slaughtered in the streets” (Lol…beause that’s really happening huh?)
Systemic Racism
Asymptomatic Spread
Mask Kids Forever (sick, sick people)
Not knowing how to define a woman
White Guilt
Teachers (In unions) don’t feel safe enough to teach
White Privilege
Defund the Police (until we need a cop)

No “hysteria” there huh?

I can play too

Get a clue, commie cunt

@thre305ive this is something that seemed to bother you as well.

I called for statistics on it immediately. Funny how no one wants to talk specifics and just runs with the BS

I don’t understand what point the article is making.

″The ones that stuck out the most were the ones that assumed that you had racial prejudice by age or by political affiliation,” Chris Allen with Moms for Liberty said.

That’s the example I showed that stuck out to me as well. I agree with her assessment: a math textbook is no place for a bar chart that shows “older” or “more conservative” people are more racist.

That’s a specific that we already spoke about. This article, on the other hand, doesn’t really have specific examples.

I’m try and find another article.

The point is twofold:

  1. The claims are laughable
  2. The claims, by count, are insignificant in quantity

Yet we need to ban books because of hysteria

if the claims are insignificant, then what’s all the hubbub about?

Look, it’s possible some books are not being approved for dumb reasons, but at the end of the day, textbooks are always approved by school boards. The books are not being “banned.” I am sure you can find liberal school boards not approving some books too, so why the fuss this go around? the school board is literally doing their job.

Now, if there is a concrete example of a dumb reason for a book not being approved, I might agree with you that there was a dumb reason. But you should ask yourself what you’re so angry about when we don’t yet have that example?

That’s my stance since day 1 my man

So basically, I agree. Florida’s Department of Education did their job, they approved some books and rejected others. As far as I’m concerned, conservatives shouldn’t be beating their chest about this and liberals shouldn’t be yelling about censorship. Absent proof of wrongdoing, this is a non-story.

The prob with your take here tho is that this is fake outrage to drag red meat through the street. Liberals are not yelling about censorship, this is about calling it what it is, complete Bull Shit.

I’m not saying I agree with the fake outrage and political posturing. Obviously that stuff can go to hell.

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