More crimes committed by the Pretorian Guard FBI

Can’t criticize the Emperor!

FBI out of control

You mean the guy with classified documents on his computer is under investigation and ran away? Oh, the horror.

You really don’t like the concept of laws, huh?

Journalists are shielded from this type of nonsense dude. As long as the journalist himself didn’t illegally obtain the info they can’t be pursued.

Well, that would take an investigation to find out how he got it then, right? You need a flowchart?

You don’t understand the law. Every time your venture your way over to this side it’s crystal clear.

The FBI can’t just pursue a journalist that has classified information and arrest him.

They would first need probable cause that a crime was committed. Possessing or being in possession of classified material, in and of itself, is not a crime for a journalist.

So what’s the probable cause? Because most journalists are given information from whistleblowers and confidential sources and that is 100% protected under the 1st amendment.

You as a liberal should actually be screaming about protecting this journo but you’re such a shill that you’d rather play on a team than do the right thing.

This isn’t true. It is a big no no if they are working for a foreign power. If you read the article, Biden has actually enacted journalistic protections after Obama and Trump’s terms.

They didn’t arrest him. They served a warrant on his house. They were in and out in 10 minutes.

Sure, and what makes you think they don’t have it?

I mean, the sheer audacity to believe the Department of justice needs to clear their probable cause with a poster on a football message board.

Look, this is a weird story. It makes perfect sense to discuss it. There are a lot of possibilities for what happened to the guy.

  1. He was illegally disappeared by the government.
  2. He’s in legal custody of the government for being a spy.
  3. He was disappeared by his illegal government source who doesn’t want to be exposed.
  4. More likely, he got in trouble and skipped town.
  5. Or even, maybe him and his kids are in witness relocation.

I don’t know what happened. Why are you pretending to?