Monolo fired

Vaya con Dios amigo.

Wish him luck. Wonder where he goes next. Miami coaches don’t have a great mobility of late.

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Uh…hey…we…uh…we wouldn’t do this without knowing that Mario is on board would we?

We’ve seen crazier things from our athletic department, right? So can we assume there’s a bit more on this to be told yet or are we going to have to open up a search after 25 HC jobs have already been filled? LOL! If so, let’s maybe get the new AD involved with it…you know…if we hire one. :pray:t2:

You watch Cristobal turn the job down now.

That’d be so Miami. :laughing:

Negotiations have been going on for 3 weeks.

Mario told Oregon players he is leaving this morning.

The Clemson AD will most probably come to Miami,

It’s nice to have Billionaire Boosters