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Usually, the Hurricane seasonal swoon occurs at the end of the season. Not this year. This year the Canes are outdoing themselves at rending asunder the hopes of its fans. I note that the Hurricanes are favored to beat Michigan State. Maybe the oddsmakers didn’t watch the last two games. Maybe they are smoking the stuff. No way do I see THIS TEAM beating Michigan, much less being the favorite.

UNC exposed the Hurricane weakness against the ground game. In that game we broke our all time record for futility of defense against the rush. Presently, we are ranked No. 100 out of 120 in rushing defense.

Michigan State is a Big Ten team and loves rushing the football. Miami has a dearth of linebackers. You’d have to be a moron not to play smash mouth with the Miami Hurricanes.

Listening today to a Nick Saban interview, I didn’t hear one criticism of any individual players. What I heard was the word poise over and over again. Saban ranted on consistency and poise occurring in every play from scrimmage. He also spoke of individual behavior and the responsibility of acting responsibly whether on the field or on the sidelines. Poise was Saban’s key word. How much poise do the Hurricanes exude?

I don’t want to see it. I probably won’t see it, I’ll even watch re-runs of Leave it to Beaver instead, but I think MSU is going to rout the Hurricanes Clemson-style. MSU will annihilate Miami, and our No. 100 ranking in rushing defense will sink even lower. The only way this doesn’t happen is if MSU goes pass crazy or has five turnovers in the game.

Let’s hope Lashlee does not come out trying to establish the run. We saw how that worked out the first quarter of the Bama game, and good grief, we’re snake bit, our best back Chaney is out for the season Hmm. I wonder how many “adjustments” our coaching staff will make. Seems to me, Mallory couldn’t block my grandmother. Time to give Arroyo more touches. Seems to me also, Lashlee needs to up the tempo, play the short passing game, let King get in groove completing easy passes, and pass long only sparingly. Since the RBs are remarkably unsuccessful, they should be catching flair passes where they have a modicum of daylight and avoid the tons of charging linemen.

As an old guy, one of my goals was to see the Hurricanes play one more time for a national championship. In retrospect, I may have been as nutty as Joe Biden. Now after 15 years, I’ve lessened my goal to just winning the ACC Divisional Title after which we’d of course be crushed by Clemson. Worst of all, where I live I am surrounded by Alabama fans who haven’t a care in the world.

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Miami is favored by 6.5 … God knows why.

I expect MSU to win outright. Hope I’m wrong.

Was 16 2 weeks ago

Our front 7 sucks. Our two best D tackles are average across the college landscape. I saw App State runs where half our line was pushed back 4 yards. What in the actual Fuck.

Just what we need. MSU has a power rushing game featuring one the country’s best running backs Kenneth Walker who against Purdue rushed for 264 yards and four touchdowns, named Big Ten Back of the Week. Against the Hurricanes, Walker should have a field day. At 5’10 210 Walker is known for breaking tackles, especially arm tackles, the UM specialty. He is averaging after two games 10.1 yards per carry. The MSU offensive line is considered one of the strongest in the country.

It looks like it’s going to be a crushing defeat this Saturday. It will be interesting to see by game time, how the odds are adjusted for the game. I still cannot believe we’re favored to win this one. Pray for heat and high humidity at Hard Rock.

MSU ran a heavy 12 set against NW for a lot of yards. Miami is a little small to defend this with their standard set. This is when Miami should play LT/Roberts at DEs giving us a much larger front to defend. I’d actually consider putting McCloud/Harvey at Will when MSU goes heavy and have them line up on the line (5/2). MSU also runs some RPO and spread concepts but they change personnel allowing Miami to change personnel as well.

It appears to be MSU strength vs Miami strength (Run vs Run D) and MSU strength vs Miami weakness (Run D vs Run). IMO, it comes down to Miami passing the ball and stopping the MSU run game.


I think there’s a little value with Canes…Especially when it was below 7. They and Diaz too hard to trust.

I’m going to go with 35-24 canes…Not overly confident in it.

another careless TO and outworked on the ball recovery

Wiggins showing how soft he is

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think that’s the first time i’ve seen steed make a play in his career (haven’t been watching alot to be honest)

Lol way to field the punt.

So poorly coached. The little things add up when the attention to detail appears to be lacking.

is that 3 penalties already? whats the record?

So when can we expect changes? That OL is so bad it isn’t even funny. To have a holding penalty when King takes the snap and is literally covered up in one second is a joke. Heads must roll but I sense they won’t.

I like how the stat shows this OL has the second most starts combined in the country. In this instance, that’s not a good thing.

I just couldn’t believe the replay on that last sack. Nelson essentially got forced into a kneeling position by an undersized de

I have to say that I prefer this game plan. Pass first and get most of the kids touches. This makes the D accountable for everyone. Just need to stop making mistakes!

at least the defense showed up today

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great…hope rivers aint hurt too bad. this OL is woefully thin

catch the damn ball

Announcer: “surprised Harley couldn’t hold onto that”

First time watching the Canes?