Miami vs Texas A&M Game Thread

Post game comments here.

What channel is this starting in while LSU is still playing?

ESPNews. This Spikeball final is riveting.

Why not in-game?

I think its “post”, the verb

Special instructions for Djrion. Write comments during game in this thread.

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Happy with the early play action.

Damn. I thought Rooster was gonna get that.

He set it up, I had to knock it out of the park

Spikeball final FROM 2020 no less

Ah. :smiley:

Gotta keep up that pressure… I like it

Ivy makes a play.

Dammit… Stevenson… :roll_eyes:

Wow, Ivey!

Good pressure, good coverage.

Miami was in a great position and then has an unforced turnover…

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Hate giving up a cheap TD.

Dumbfuck play

Way to waste a good series by the D.

Spot them 7. :rage:

That bites. Gotta score now. Can’t give them gimmes!

According to Saban, the first concern when fielding a punt or kick off is to possess the ball. Stevenson took his eye off the ball to watch an oncoming tackler and muffed the catch.