Miami vs. FSU game thread

I hope it won’t be over by halftime.

Catch the friggin ball. Emory looks good to me today.

Restrepo… :roll_eyes:

We always start out in the hole. No motion or deception in our rushing game, and we have Fletcher, a great back. Emory starting to look like a QB.

Woof, Williams trying to force that ball to Smith…

Crappy hold on the FG attempt.

Florida State is really talented, capable of scoring a lot of points. They’re plainly difficult to keep up with, their offense is so potent. Our offense hardly ever wins first down, gets behind in the count, and by consequence we have a shitload of long third down conversions. The sack was certainly disappointing. The hole was so large in the offensive line, my grandmother could have sacked Emory.

Love to see a TO soon…

I wish Miami’s O did plays like that pass to the TE

Johnny Wilson always kills us. He and Keon Coleman are formidable receivers. Coleman is a basketball type leaper who stands 6’4" while Wilson is 6’7"

We have loads of TEs which since we don’t use them, should be replaced by tackles. Why don’t we try throwing a slant like they do often in Peewee football.

Those are some tall trees. Too bad we don’t have some hoops guys that want to play football… guys like Jimmy Graham. That worked out pretty well . :wink:

There are lots of power forwards wasting their talents playing round ball. Jimmy Graham is an excellent example.

Holy crap!!! A SCREEN!!!

Nice play. Dink and dunk works, easier completions, less chance for interceptions.

And still got 25 yards on a 2nd and 21.

Williams gets a lot of balls batted down. He needs to work on his pump fakes or checking his throwing lanes

Good point about Emory. This team never wins first down. Time to put Van Dyke in the game.

You think this changed TVD? Motivates him enough to have the game Miami needs from him?

What do you think that would do to Williams? Could it ruin his confidence just when he might be getting his game legs?

D sniffed out that FSU screen. .Nice D to force the 4th down