Miami @ Temple

The way I see it, this is a revenge game.

Temple gave Miami Al Golden, Mark 'Onofrio, and Manny Diaz.

Let’s smash Temple to get even. Go 'Canes

O clicking… The D… still pitching a shutout with 5 minutes left in the game, but I do NOT like the busted coverage. Temple has broken some big pass plays, and missed on a TD where their WR was WIDE open in the endzone but their QB overthrew him.

Not sure why the D secondary looks so lost .

I’m still happy though. We’re 4-0 and get out of September still relevant. And with Colorado getting whipped and Ole Miss losing, we’ll be about 18th in America. It’s at least better than it’s been. Which is what I’ve wanted to see this year. How much better? That’s why God invented October!

After 4 games I see an offense that can move the ball against anyone — if they sell out for run we have a good passing game and Vice versa. Top 5 OL in the country that dictates the game.

Defense…secondary is the weakness. But we do have an aggressive DL that can force even great QBs into shoddy decision making and bad throws (see TAMU). I think FSU will be a tough matchup for our defense but that’s the only game this year that I don’t think is an likely win. They have good WRs and their QB excels at avoiding pressure. I expect that to be a tight high scoring game.

Opponents have really been picking on Te’cory… Temple certainly did.