Miami #3?

Fly the flag against Big Game Boomer

How the fuck are ND not on the list?? Bunch of self entitled asshats.


Its basically a list of every big program (past or present) other than Alabama.

Bout time we’re ranked in something



clearly not Bama. Guess they forgot about the fan who poisoned the trees at Toomer´s Corner :roll_eyes:


He should be fired!!!

Pretty much any fan base with a pulse is toxic about its team of choice losing.

A more interesting list might be teams that have the most indifferent fans.

I can’t imagine Kansas fans being toxic… They are probably so used to losing… I bet they just wait for hoops season to start.

They do have that big win vs. hated Texas! :rofl:

This is a school who fired their coach after going to 2 orange bowls because he could not sustain that success over 5 years. And also the football team was taking some press away from the basketball team.

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