Meet in the middle

This country needs to meet in the middle or we are heading for a civil war in the coming years. Instead of finding any middle ground, people are leaning away from the middle. An easy example would be how many go with All or No abortions. How about some common-sense middle ground of no abortions after 5 months paid for by the government? (I don’t have a dog in that fight)

How about term limits and age limits for all three branches? President has a 2 term limit, why not Congress or the Supreme Court? Age limits would be nice as well, 25-75 for all three or 25-75 for Congress and 35-75 for the other two. I doubt a 25 yo would ever run for let alone get elected President or appointed Justice but it would just be easier to pass the same change for all three branches vs. one.

Until we all start to meet in the middle, we will continue to split the country and at some point break democracy. While Trump has added tons of fuel to the fire, Congress IMO has been the group breaking the USA. They have to stick up for the People NOT the Presidents, companies, lobbyists… Are term limits going to solve everything, NO. They are just a starting point.

There can be no middle ground after two rigged elections. The results were mathematically impossible. Trump brought unparalleled prosperity to this nation and its people from rich to poor. Dead people voting, mail-in ballots, truck loads of ballots printed by non-contracted printers, thousands of affidavits under penalty of perjury of massive fraud. There is no comprise possible expecting people to accept being defrauded. Why wasn’t there a third party commission set up to investigate the fraud?

I plan on giving as much support to Biden as the Democrats and MSM gave to Trump. I will not compromise by surrendering my individual liberty to any collective. I shall continue supporting the Trump Agenda which achieved so many tangible results both domestically and internationally. Furthermore, I will open my wallet supporting any and all litigation to expose those who have robbed us of our vote.

I agree with many of your points, 90’s. The political class pits us against one another while they collect checks. They aren’t truly for the people but more for self preservation and self interest. I would love term limits.

Maybe I’m being too hasty. I would agree to Mexican-type Voter ID cards which contain a thumb print…

I would also agree to ending mail-in voting except for military and a few exceptions but only by the voter first making arrangements for same with the supervisor of elections. Each ballot would require a voter thumbprint.

I would agree to nationally approved voting machines capable of recognizing thumb prints.

Yes, I would readily agree to term limits.

How about rank choice voting?

I’m not saying you have to agree with the outcome of 2020’s election. Don’t really care. I think we the people better find solutions soon or this shit is going to get ugly!

How long do people think a civil war would last?

And after that civil war what do they think this country would look like?

One kid with a gun owned Wisconsin for a day and he was just their to help small shops. What if thousands of me with AR 15’s went around with a mission?

One would think there is middle ground but there is not. Either the vote was fixed in some areas or there was no voting issues. one side just is not going to admit to fraud.

The people making the laws are the ones with the longest term limits. They are not going to vote themselves out.

It is shocking how people can think so differently.

Twitter confuses me every time I read it.

Who the F knows about civil war. I’d rather think about fixing this issue before we get to that day.

The good news is the drafters wrote in the convention of states. Look it up. We the people better get behind this soon to get these old ass 50 year Politicans out on both sides.

As for thinking so differently, checkout the Netflix movie The Social Dilemma. Pretty crazy that they have built the social networks to create discourse vs community building simply because discourse sells.

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90’s, I realize we are in social media and I’m saying this, but I truly believe that Facebook and Twitter and other social media sites are some of the biggest problems when it comes to the divide in this country. It’s really depressing to go on there and I’ve found that I’m much happier and more fulfilled when I avoid those sites (and the news in general).

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No. We don’t get to get pushed in a wacko, paranoid, delusiaonal conservative direction (off the deep end and into fascism) and then have to meet in the middle. We have complete control for two years and there is a lot of ground to be made up to get back to 2016 on the domestic and international level. Complete and utter shit show the past 4 years.

This isn’t social media. This is an old school message board with no AI involved. Those platforms learn what drives more eyeballs, clicks, likes…

The sooner people realize that it’s not left vs right…

It’s Americans vs the government posing as the far left… and the far right…

The federal government has infiltrated and controlled every major leftist and even extreme right wing group. They control them. They run operations in order to meet particular objectives that extend their authority.

It’s convenient to them to make us believe there is a division but the reality is your watching theatre.

Every time there is a grassroots uprising the first thing the federal government does is move in with one of their groups to seize control of that uprising.

Think I’m lying? Go look at what we do in every other nation. Same thing. Why do you think governments around the world hate us?

The problem now though is that this federal government is controlled by China. Paid for and cashed in. So these operations can never again be seen as protecting American interests, but foreign interests.

Keep squabbling.

This is why Trump won in 2016. People in the middle do not want to go back to what your purposing. You want to put all the people who voted for Trump in the same bag as all the people that stormed the capital.

Is it your beliefs that if we go back to Obama that the other side will not swing with someone worse than Trump?

Omaha - he hates you. He hates me.

If he could he’d do the worst things imaginable to us. That’s who Djrion is. No soul.

Should go back to the old site and see some of the things he’s posted.

That is a little too far off. I would agree that the ultra rich are major influencers of grass roots movements. I would agree that the ultra rich control much of what happens in DC. I have to disagree that the government has infiltrated and controls every group. That is like saying those elected on the Right agree with those elected on the Left. They then work together to fool the 330m American’s including the millions who work for the government.

Instead, I believe that we are stuck with a swinging pendulum of power/control that has started to swing too far left and right vs. only swinging some. Just look at DJ’s and Bikki’s comments to see how some want the pendulum to keep swinging further and further.

I’m not saying everyone agrees. That’s obviously false. There is a major dichotomy of opinion. A huge fault line regarding first principles.

My point is that the government infiltrated all groups eventually. All of them. And then they direct them at their will for their agenda.

The only groups that are hard to infiltrate are the large decentralized groups like MAGA. There is no central leadership. It’s a coalition of pure populist ideology.

But they infiltrated Antifa, BLM, Q movement (think they started this), Neo Nazi militias, etc.

We’re talking about an entity with 4 trillion to burn, the most amazing technology, law that allows them to surveil and a will to keep their existence afloat.

What’s curious to me is how Republicans always blame the domineering control on the “government” but totally ignore the “ultra-rich” in this equation. It’s the ultra-rich that controls the government. It’s the megacorporations that spend billions to peddle their ideas and screw over the working class.

Corruption in government, 9 times out of 10, is a politician caving to the demands of the ultra-rich just so they could pocket some of that money.

This isn’t a cabal of shadowy government employees, it’s Big Money growing more powerful by keeping everyone else down.

Yet not a peep about this from all the conspiracy theorists, because QAnon and all that bullshit is a distraction from the real problem. And without getting into insults while discussing a higher issue, this right here is why I call conspiracy theorists quick to jump into assertions without evidence sheep. They’re serving someone else’s interests by believing this stuff.

This is also why the Right felt good about Trump. Assuming he is worth 4Billion, he doesn’t have to cave to the ultra-rich as he is part of that group. Biden on the other hand is worth 9M and could very well take money from anyone to make things happen. Obama was $6M in 2012 and is now likely worth well over 50M. Bush and Clinton were also in that lower tier of wealth compared to the founders and Trump.

It is Big Money on both sides that are growing more powerful. Not sure they are keeping everyone “down” but they are not allowing a free flow of ideas to flow through capitol hill. The people’s voice isn’t being heard by all involved.

What exactly is the government doing to hold most people down? I have my thoughts on how things could be much better/even for all without paying trillions into the government but want to hear your thoughts on what is holding everyone down.

  • Real healthcare.

  • Courting monopolistic business practices.

  • Takeover of the FCC. Of the USPS.

  • Tax breaks for the rich. Subsidies for the rich. The middle class gets nothing.

The government allows and enforces the above realities, but it’s the influence of the ultra-rich that creates them. It is their money and power that buys our reality.

Real healthcare- public or private? Nothing spots people from paying for this. I’ve put $7k into my HSA the past two years. This has covered around 4 surgeries from doctors we got to pick. Total cost beyond the HSA was around $1-2k. Thus, 16k/24 = $660/month for 4 adults and 2 kids with lots of issues. Don’t even get me started on my mom’s partner who was getting free medicare with prescriptions worth $100k/yr.

Not sure we court it but we sure as hell don’t prevent it. Agreed here and this is likely one of the biggest issues with our country. I’m a tech executive and see it every day. It also has made a ton of people wealthy as well but for the most part it does cause smaller companies to have to sell as the larger ones will simply attack them.

Please explain the FCC. USPS should have been private over the last 10-20 years. What happens when the private companies are using drones?

I’m not sure about the tax breaks as much as the lack of audits, loopholes in the code, and overall ease of avoiding taxes. This isn’t just about the rich. I know lots of middle class that get paid 6 figures that avoid. I know lots of 5 figure people that go to the check for cash places as 2% is less than taxes and they can’t trace. Me, I play it safe and have paid millions over the years.