Math doesn’t lie - numbers don’t add up

An amazing analysis by Bill Binny and picked up and verified by the Gateway Pundit.

So 213 million people registered in election nationwide.

66% voted.

That means 13 million more votes are on the books than should be.

Let’s see someone dispute it.

PS - it’s clarified in his Tweet chain that he meant eligible, not registered.

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Great post, GSC. I don’t see anyone disputing it. The election was a Big Steal, and even the Dems know it, but none will admit it. What you are seeing unfortunately is a lack of virtue, morality, ethics on the part of leftists.

I always said you’re an excellent researcher.

Biden is already failing miserably. Can hardly wait for crushing gasoline prices. They have a way of bringing people back to reality. Can hardly wait for huge summer a/c bills. Under Biden, you’re going to get them. By year end, people will be screaming for an Orange Return. People vote their pocket books, and Biden is busy transferring wealth, destroying middle class America.

Pretty easy - Your #s are wrong. You folks never actually check sources, do you?

Let’s use the source Gateway Pundit uses…Number Of Registered Voters by State 2021.
Now, check his source Voter Turnout Data - United States Elections Project.

Now, open the spreadsheet - 2020 November General Election - Google Sheets

158,254,475 total votes counted for President **** NOT THE 140,344M the Gateway Pundit and Bill Binney cite as the # who voted)
66.1% (VEP turnout rate for highest office)

You folks really don’t look up anything, do you? That’s why they keep lying to you…because you’re lazy and don’t have the integrity to give a shit. Ever notice no other story cites 140 million total votes except the ones who are trying to tell you it was a sham? When you have to lie to prove your point, you have no point at all to begin with.

so…back to that “morality, virtue and ethics” charge you made…you were saying?

@Warden84 it’s the same old same old in here. The q trumpy idiots make shit up, pretend it’s reality, and spin things around as always. Shit is tedious and ridiculous, but I guess these idiots are still standing behind their man, the one who lost. He runs again, he’ll lose again.

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They never look things up. They read headlines and not even that much if there’s a sick burn in a tweet linking the article. They say they’re not sheep but they fall for the lie over and over again. Every time they’re let down, they rationalize like crazy, and then their short memories allow them to post the same disproved garbage the next week as if nothing had happened.

All the dumbest kids you knew in high school are suddenly the only ones who can crack the government conspiracies. It would be funny if it wasn’t true.

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So, again…where are Bikki and Storm? Math doesn’t lie, right?

HAHA!!! 7 days and NOT A WORD from any of the lying culprits who were too lazy to simply add

The crickets are weird, because it looks to me like they really wanted a response.

If you guys haven’t noticed- I have been posting as regularly.

Started a new job. Have to put that early high energy into it. Don’t have the time. I’ll try to look tonight.

No wonder it’s been more pleasant around here lately. :b

JK. Kill it at the new job.

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