Masks and Viruses

The ‘surgical mask’ has a pore space (size of the “holes” in the mask) of 40 to 100 microns.
The ‘virus’ has a diameter of about 0.1 microns. Using 50 microns, the cross-sectional area of the ‘holes’ is 1953.49 square microns. The cross-sectional area of the virus it 0.00785 square microns. Hence, the ‘holes’ in the masks are about 250,000 times larger than the virus.

Now, consider a chain link fence. The holes in a chain link fence are about 2.5 inches across and are square. The area of the ‘holes’ is 2.5x 2.5 or 6.25 square inches. A mosquito can, fit through a 1/16" hole. The “diameter” of the mosquito is 1/16", the radius is, therefore, 1/32" and the cross-sectional area is 0.00307 square inches. Thus, the’holes in the chain link fence are about 2025.83 times larger that of the mosquito.

My question to any, and all, who think that the mask is “effective” in stopping the virus… Would you put up a chain link fence as a mosquito barrier? Then why are you stupid enough to thinks masks will stop the virus?

Look, it doesn’t matter. We must mandate ALL Americans -regardless of context - to wear masks all of the time as well as forcibly jab them (he will terminate their employment for their protection to show how serious we are about their health). However, we must be culturally sensitive and tolerant regarding our brothers and sisters who flood our southern border. We don’t want to infringe upon their Constitutional rights (ATTN: Harmful Language Implied) therefore we won’t mandate vaccines nor masks upon them.

Biden’s strategy is to create a one party New World Order America by turning America into a 3rd world dumping ground. He cares not for stability or an American national character that has brought about the greatest prosperity of diverse humanity of any nation in history. Our education system should be devoted to homogenizing people in their support of the Bill of Rights and our Constitutional form of government. I have always held, and many virulently oppose my view, that Islam is the most corrosive ideology on the planet, and I don’t believe it can coexist with Western democracy. It’s not the people that are inherently bad. It is their belief system built through the inherent radicalism of Islam precludes them from assimilating well into the nation as a whole. One needs only to examine Europe to validate this point. Here’s an excellent, though gloomy, article by Bruce Thornton that explains where we are as a nation. I agree completely with Thornton’s point of view. Silentobserver, I think you’ll find this article a good reference.