Mark Richt

Always Canes family. Sucks to hear.

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Always a sad thing.

T’s and P’s to him. Big time. This sucks.

He recently bought a house in Downtown Athens near UGA as his kids live in the area. Plus, most UGA fans love the guy.

Might be football-related, might not be. Football players, like boxers, seem to suffer a disproportionate amount of dementia, Parkinson’s and ALS due to repeat brain injuries/concussions.

We wish him the best. By all accounts, he is a really good man.

He made some major donations to the Canes football program including the IPF and walking away from millions left on his contract by retiring. Unlike Randy and Golden, he didn’t sue UM. He left in a classy way.

Parkinson’s can be really severe or not so much. Hopefully, he has a mild case which responds well to treatment.

Just goes to show where suddenly giving up Cheese Balls can lead.

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My earlier post proved to be prescient. :grinning:

He’s a good man …who now has an unfortunate diagnosis. As mentioned let’s hope that his symptoms remain mild. We may be tempted to think …."…this happens to Richt …yet Lou Holtz lives on" . The only thing we can do is wish the best for the man and hope that research provides some breakthrough i the near future.