Maria Ressa - Nobel Recipient

For anyone interested in the age of misinformation and the power of social media,

Absolutely phenom. She doesn’t really start to get going until about 4:30 Mark, but the up front book selling spiel is great too. There is a lot to unpack, but the explanatory power here begins to address some long held questions for me.

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That was the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. “A lie told a million times becomes a fact.” was probably the biggest statement she made. This would apply to any arena. If we can’t all accept the facts as truth then we can’t agree and have trust.

To play Devil’s advocate, what if the supposed “truth” turns out to be false after the fact?

Or what if the Science isn’t settled and we are supposed to take the initial take as “truth.”

There are gray areas and subjective opinions that are sometimes listed as fact or truth. People should be allowed to question these and have a different opinion or view. It’s dangerous when that gets shut down and one narrative is all that is allowed.

Where has that been “shut down” or where only one “narrative is all that is allowed”?

Sounds like you’re whining about the vast majority thinking your opinion is moronic and you whining that you’re being “shut down”, when you’re instead in a small minority of wilful idiots. Nobody is shutting you down or preventing you from voicing your opinion. You just don’t like the consequences of your voice. One might claim to be upset with censorship or cancel culture, but is rather just that they’re thought of as a moron for their beliefs.

I see exactly what you are saying. That’s where individual accountability comes into play. Instead of gaslighting people, we should state why we believe what we believe. When asked for proof, present said proof. If inaccurate then admit that you were inaccurate and look for the truth. What’s the old saying, “trust but verify”?

I’d say those questioning the efficacy of the vaccine or the effectiveness of masks were having their opinions flagged and censored on social media.

The initial take on a lot of the Coronavirus turned out to be wrong. Granted, we had incomplete information at the time, but differing opinions from the stated narrative at the time were definitely censored to various degrees.

Like what?

You conservatives seem to have a real fundamental problem with understanding the Constitution and the concept of rights. Social media are private companies. You have no right in any way to not be “flagged” by a social media company, in the same way you conservatives championed cake decorators not decorating gay wedding cakes. Nothing in the Constitution has anything to do with private industry securing your right to speak on their platforms. You have Parlor, Truth Social, Telegram, Gab and Gettr all to spread any lies you want. Also, Twitter flagged it for misinformation. They didn’t delete it. That isn’t being shut down. Anyone, even you, had and has every right to voice your opinion on vaccines or masks or anything else. As with your response, you just show you want to NOT be called out for misinformation and want to force, by will of the state, private companies to let you do anything you want.

As I’ve mentioned before, the people who have the biggest problem with capitalism and our Constitution, are you conservatives. Again, you could and still can voice your opinion, even on the platforms you’re whining about. The problem you have is that its considered misinformation and you don’t like being called out for it. But, private companies can do whatever they want on THEIR OWN platforms.