March 4th is the new goal post!

Trump will be president again!!!

OMG, I love it.

In the wake of Biden’s inauguration, QAnon followers initially appeared despondent, lashing out that QAnon was a sham. But within days, and at the urging of the movement’s biggest influencers, QAnon followers started to come around, and begin to believe in “the plan” once again.

Astute observers will note the parallels to end-days believers. There’s always a big deadline to encourage action, and when the world in fact does not end, another deadline is created. Watch Storm go whole hog with this new theory.

I’ve tried to communicate this down in the rabbit hole but they are not receptive to the message.

The biggest problem with Q has always been, and will always be, that it’s a public declaration.

If Q folks believe that it is genuine, and they can “decode” it… hello!!! So can China! So can Russia! So can the deepstate!

It would be like Manny Diaz publishing all of his playbook each week before a game, in the exact way he would call plays situationally, but the catch would be, he would encrypt it somehow.

Ok - we’ll if Miami fans can decrypt it, so can Florida State and Clemson!

And it would render the plan useless!

I actually got into a fight with someone down there because they were trying to tell me that Q was actually a quantum computer that was literally predicting the future. That it was “war gaming” by crunching millions of scenarios and these “Q drops” were the ones that were the winning scenario.

So after letting him know that Quantum computing (true quantum) was about a decade to 20 years away… that we don’t have the chipset or processors yet to be able to do that level of computation, he came back with “what if that’s what they say, but they’re lying.”

And that’s when I knew these guys were a little loony because one only need to go read up on the latest MIT AND CIT papers to see the progress.

A cornerstone to every conspiracy theory.

There’s a difference between having evidence that someone is lying and pointing it out or even coming up with a theory based off of that and just saying that someone is lying about something.

When I bring up the media lying, I can show you 100,000 examples of clear cut lies.

When we’re talking about quantum computing, it would be an extremely difficult thing to lie about. Why?

Because of a true quantum computer actually existed, we would all immediately see, experience, and either positively or negatively be impacted by the mere existence of one. That’s how powerful it would be. It would create the next golden age for a civilization.

It would make hacking either impossible or easy (depending on who had the q).

It would allow us to do economic and financial modeling within fractions of accuracy.

It would allow molecular modeling in seconds and lead to all kinds of diseases being eradicated.

It could create hyper fast manufacturing and would lead to amazing military weaponry and crafts.

We would see the evidence all around us.

So I know your attempt at snark was tongue and cheek, but there’s a difference here. A big difference.

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Lol…I’ve done the same god damn thing with people who try to text me Q’s shit. So funny. Well said.

The other biggest problem with Q is that it’s a PsyOp and a bunch of lies

While I agree with that- it’s speculative. I’m trying to identify the objective reason why it’s silly to believe it.

Imagine George Washington publishing his strategy to win the Revolutionary War. It just doesn’t make any sense.

For sure

Yes, it literally makes no sense to post hints and innuendo in snippets. It’s nothing more than movie magic.

The issue is bigger than Q.

Conservatives are paranoid AF. The republican party is now the conspiracy party. The beast has been unleashed.

You see the same language as Q from skeet, gsc, bill, and others. The election was stolen, media is corrupt, the list goes on. There is not a mass conspiracy.

Anything they disagree with is a conspiracy THAT THEY AND ONLY THEY, have the answer to.

It is the precise recipe of Q. Drumph has rotted the party from the inside out.