MAGA Hitler problem


I’m so sick of these low-income, red states, eating off the scraps of the highly educated, financially wealthy blue states. Shit is mind boggling that they have so much control.

You’d starve without the food and resources from the red states though, right?

Also, that’s an oversimplification of the constituency.

Trump was largely for the forgotten middle class. A large but shrinking group of people in the US.

Poor Blacks and Hispanics have traditionally been Democratic.

The shift has been the wealthy white elite moving from Republican (decades ago) to Democrat.

I’m old enough to remember when R’s were called the party of the rich.

That’s not accurate. Trump’s rhetoric was targeted at both the middle class, the lower class and then in private, at the uber wealthy donors. But, to say Trump was “for” a particular class is naive. Trump was for Trump. He made that clear at every step.
Trump, at every single turn throughout his life, treated the middle and lower class with disdain to the point of being known (as much as he is for his name) for not paying vendors, employees, etc. I’m not sure you lend the gravity to such an action, but an uber wealthy person stiffing you for a year’s worth of work and you can’t do anything about it with their money and their attorneys…it can and has crushed people’s lives, their businesses, etc.
During his Presidency, he cut taxes during a boom (basic macroeconomics tells you that’s ignorant) BUT only the corporate tax cut would stay. He dried up your tax cut by the time he left office, when it came due. In doing so, he drove up the future debt we have to pay, destroyed the deficit quicker than any President I can think of.

Trump is phony populism saying he’s going to help left behind communities, but in reality, advances an agenda that does the opposite. Those cuts add $1.5 trillion to the debt, which then the GOP uses to insist the country can’t afford even mild investments that benefit everyone like infrastructure spending. Of course, they lie to you and call it a “revenue neutral bill” or “probably a revenue producer.” Of course, it never is.

What’s he say when he talks to HIS real crowd? He’s known for shitting on a tacky, gold plated toilet - you think he hangs out with you?

Trump paid himself

The GOP has been the party of industry and the rich since the early 20th century

The GOP has been the party of the rich, of the corporation since the days of Coolidge. It wasn’t until desegregation where they could start to use cultural issues to mobilize a lower class constituent…desegregation, white’s only Christian schools, then abortion, then women’s rights and ERA, then gay rights. The only viable motivating tool were culture wedge issues, and the party became the party of grievance.
Name one single piece of GOP sponsored legislation since Reagan that benefits the worker over the corporation, just one.

The thing I’ve noticed about you, and I’ve razzed you in the past about, is that you swallow even the most basic talking points…the ones everyone sees as a lie and easily recognizable, as truth. You swallow them whole. That’s why I questioned Indiana as a whole. It takes a lot to swallow those…a true sense of naivety and willful ignorance.

Now, the Dems do have key demographics




The more education, the more liberal. The more country/rural, the more Republican. White voters without college, Republican. Post graduate degrees, liberal. Not even graduate high school- Republican. Uber religious - Republican. White men older than Gen X - Republican. The oldest of white men still breathing - Republican.

you know who else is GOP? Nazi sympathizers and neo nazis.

It’s not rocket science. Again, I’ve said this before…but, advertising is made for you.

Sounds like prejudice to me…

“Shit is” hypocrisy

Who gives a fuck?

What does with/without college have to do with this conversation? I know a shit ton of people who didn’t go to college who are damn good people.

I know you’re slow, so I’ll be clear for you…

Prejudice is normal. We exercise prejudice in virtually all decisions. Being prejudice against characteristics that you cannot change and are not a result of your decisions is illegal discrimination in certain contexts, like race, sex, etc. Being a shithead Republican is a choice

So, it’s not hypocrisy. You’re just a fucking retard

That chick who kicked your ass out of the house and told you to stay the fuck away from her kids gave a fuck.

How would you know? You’re a piece of shit.

I don’t dispute the Demographic trends and voting preferences you posted, but you are oversimplifying things to try to make your point.

Trump got over 70 million votes. That’s the second most in the history of the country. Clearly, he appeals to a broad swath of the country. Yes, a good portion of his supporters are white and many without a college education. Who cares? You are using that as a crutch or pejorative description to diminish his voters.

He got more blacks to vote for a Republican and picked up a larger portion of Hispanics as well.

The college educated women were largely turned off by his personality and mean tweets. But that doesn’t necessarily foretell their voting pattern going forward.

When I say that he appealed to the masses and the middle class that’s what he did. He got groups of people to vote that weren’t interested in politics.

Do I care that he relates to the common person? You or me? No, not at all. No one running for President will relate because they are inherently in another class.

Obama presented himself as a cool dude and man of the people but he was far from it.

As far as Republicans moving forward, they would be wise to focus on the economy, stopping illegal migration, law and order and energy independence. Those are winning issues. Look at all the Soros DA picks that are going to get run out of the major cities. One just got recalled in San Fran. People are fed up with the left’s lack of control over cities and lack of attention to the issues that really matter like the non transitory inflation. Remember when the left said inflation wouldn’t last and remember when Yellen said she didn’t think it would be an issue?

Let the left obsess over transgenderism and using the right pronouns. Those are losing issues.

How do you spell relief? Remember the Rolaids ad. That was then. Today, relief is spelled N O V E M B E R

Lol…1 kid…And she is a distraught maniac just like you and the goateed commie cunt. Imagine this asshole running out of things to say so he becomes a cheerleader for a maniac who I watched cry over Rachel Maddow every other night for 2 years. Sick fucking cultists stick together don’t they

Lost little partisan sheep

I fear that both Warden and Djrion are prone to accepting expert opinion without skepticism. One thing you learn when studying evidence in law school is that expert witnesses are like hired gunslingers. They have an agenda. Most are university professors who if conservative must live clandestine lives when it comes to free expression. It is hard for a free thinker to survive at Marxist infiltrated universities. Even an innocent utterance will be conflated as racism. Notice how often,I a former NAACP member and civil rights activist have been libeled, insinuating that I am a racist. I see myself as an eminently fair umpire and call them as I see them; I refuse to be a liberal toadie. What a wonderful development it is to see Elon Musk, a great thinker and rugged individualist, to reject wokism. Months earlier, Elon was praised by the liberals. All of a sudden he has become an adversary. All in all when I look in the mirror I like who is looking back at me although admittedly I am very forgiving when judging the handsomeness of my image.

Seasoned posters on this board retain their individuality and are common sense pragmatists. They want government to leave them the hell alone. They refuse to be sheep or followers of liberal heroes whom the sheep regard as being chic vangardists. Insofar as black criminality and racism are concerned, they pretend that such things don’t exist. They call a rather tepid politcal riot an insurrection. They are blind to the political prisoners in the D.C. Gulag and ignore the 574 real riots resulting in dozens of deaths, thousands of hospitalization, and wanton destruction in terms of billions of dollars.

About hits the nail on the head on here

Complete sheep who just eat up whatever liberal media force feeds them.

No, we are saying y’all are idiots and can’t think for yourself. You guys vote against your own self interest (or the majority, which is most of you, of poor pubs do). Your Red States are a drain on our economy. Your policies are archaic and the whole country would be a shithole just like your Red states are if you had power. Having 12 people in Arkansas have so much power is utterly ridiculous.

Not who you are specifically referring to but I was doing just fine under Trump. Much better than I am now. Fine under Obama and fine under Bush.

I know many R’s like me that do great under Republican presidents.

And again, no heartland and you have no food. Period. Need those red state resources.

Nah, I’d prefer we divide the country up peacefully. Y’all can keep the devastation you have caused.

Yeah, tough economic times coming out of a worldwide pandemic. Would be the same under any pub or dem alike. Y’all like to pretend the president is pulling the strings.

Trump needs one more term before being sculpted into Mt. Rushmore. No one in their right mind thinks things are better now than under MAGA stewardship. My Russian friends view Trump as a great leader on the same level of competency as Putin who presently has an approval rating of over 80% of the people. My friends are unanimous in their believing the last election was rigged, although I suppose I deserve some credit in helping them make a fair historical assessment. They further say things are going well in Moscow, and that sanctions have not affected their lives in any way. The last time I was in Moscow, gasoline was 5 cents per liter. less than 20 cents a gallon.

He’s not even trying anymore…

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