MAGA Desires

this little bitch couldn’t take a french fry from my dog

Nobody follows Nick Fuentes. Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s a fed.

Really? He appears to be more of a MAGA personality and control more MAGA thoughts than you do. From what it appears, he’s defining MAGA while you’re a follower. He did have Marjorie Taylor Green, who Trump, himself, said he was considering for administrative positions and has been talked about as being the VP candidate. Congressman and MAGA star Paul Gosar was at the same event, hosted by Nick Fuentes, in 2021. Former Congressman, Steve Kind of Iowa, was at his event this year. Idaho Lt Governor Janice McGeachin, and MAGA star, also attended his event this year.

In fact, Nick Fuentes, a white nationalist and a holocaust denier, spoke at the Unite The Right rally in 2017 and…wait for it…wait for it…the January 6th capitol insurrection attempt with Donald J Trump.

Sounds to me, like normal, you’re try and disown or deflect when you have nothing to offer in defense of your ilk. Nick Fuentes is overwhelmingly more influential and a key player in the MAGA world, while you’re a follower…a nobody…who’ll lap up whatever they tell you at any time.

These are your people. This is your ilk. You’ve made your authoritarian desires quite public here. There doesn’t appear to be a single beam of light between you two as far as I can tell…definitely, not on this topic.

Your people, your movement