MacGregor Explains the Ukraine Crisis

It appalls me how naive Americans are about Russia. Russia is no longer the Soviet Union. Russia has no ambition to restore the Soviet Empire. What Russia wants is national security and to become a partner in Western Progress and not to be misperceived as a rogue and villainous nation.

No other has spoken more eloquently nor knowledgeable about the Ukrainian conflict than Doug MacGregor. As I have averred frequently the stupidity of the Biden administration is wholly responsible for prolonging this war while at the same time causing massive inflation and economic suffering especially in Europe. This mess would never have happened under Trump who historically has been a non-interventionist. When this war does wind down with a crushing Russian victory, NATO will be history solely as a result of Biden incompetence. MacGregor explains it all, however, I doubt that any of you will even listen to him.

When he was not serving as president, he took on the role of premier, allowing him to maintain some form of power for more than two decades — longer than any other Russian or Soviet leader since Josef Stalin, who led from 1924 until his death in 1953.
~Fox Business News

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Here’s what going on? Blaming Russia for the Ukraine War is absurd. Putin tried his damnedest to pursue a Special Military Operation. Now,it has turned to a real war. No way Ukraine or even NATO can defeat Russia. Time to seek peace and wipe out all vestiges of Nazism.