Losing Hope

I don’t know why I had it in my head - but I was hoping that today (12/1) would bring SOME news. A new AD……followed by (hopefully) a new HC……

Beginning to feel like this is business as usual for the Canes. We’ll get a new AD……and keep the same mediocre coach……may or may not hire a decent OC……and in 2022, 6-6 here we come.

I get keeping Diaz if Cristobal isn’t interested or goes somewhere else and no one else decent is available….but the longer this goes the less likely I feel we’re making a change for the better.

Someone talk me off the ledge.

Well I’d note that despite a RECORD year of openings (23 fbs teams), there are 2 high profile coaches who haven’t moved or locked up a contact extension: lane and Mario. Riley moved , Kelly moved, deboer moved. Tucker locked down extension, Franklin locked down, stoops locked down. Very telling that those 2 haven’t. I think it’s Mario’s job to turn down and lane is option 2.

Perhaps - but the fact we’ve heard nothing yet - weeks after Blake was let go - is only reinforcing my belief that this administration is incompetent.

Only logical explanation is that they’re waiting after Oregon plays their conference title game. Maybe it was agreed that as a courtesy to Mario, no announcements so he could focus on coaching and no distractions. Nothing else makes sense because there’s no way manny returns.

As long as we don’t read about Cristobal signing an extension with Oregon in the next few days…

I can buy this I suppose. Still….no word yet on an AD and I’d assume that will be announced before a possible Manny exit.

My guess is they’ve got something pretty much agreed upon with Mario but he’s not going to sign the dotted line until the AD situation is secured and he knows fully what he’s signing up for. Cant say I blame him.

Cristobal’s main (only ?) super-power" …is recruiting. For the money which they are going to want to offer him … is it a justifiable outlay ?

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You get a good OC and DC that knows how to use that talent and it might be all you need at Miami.

Not speaking on Cristobal specifically, but if you get Miami outrecruiting FSU/UF and even keeping SoFla guys at home versus going off to the SEC, then you have a winning formula. Just make sure to maintain a modern spread offense and don’t run a D’No defense. Like Dallas said.

Now, is Mario that guy, and is he worth the money he’ll command? That I don’t know.

I’ll be shocked if Crisobal ends up at Miami in 2022.

Much less shocked if Manny is still Miami’s HC in 2022.

We’ll see.

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It probably is justifiable. We all know Mario is not a great Xs and Os guy but his recruiting ability won him two pac 12 titles already, and quite possibly a third by tonight. In some ways he’s not much different from Butch back in his prime.

As already mentioned the best case scenario with Mario is surrounding him with an elite coaching staff and thus hope he becomes Dabo. Our success will ride on how much boosters are ready to invest….no secret there.


If Mario loses tonight and we don’t hear anything by Monday, I’m going to start to assume Manny will be coming back. Again I wouldn’t be devastated with that as long as he gets a real DC. If that’s the case the problem may be that no good DC will want to come here with Manny’s career possibly hanging by a thread.

Yep. And even now - if Manny sticks around, can we land a good OC with the possibility that Manny may be fired at the end of next season?

We should of moved on Freeman earlier. Think they have a cheaper and better Mario at ND now.

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As a Miami fan, I get a little twitchy when I hear the name “Freeman”…

Is it just me?

LOL. GSC always referred to him as Kyrnobyl.

Yeesh. from that article:

Multiple Miami AD candidates told @ActionNetworkHQ UM’s search is a “mess.” With more than 50 board of trustees & several donors involved “everyone is in charge, no one is in charge. They don’t know what they want to do w/Manny (Diaz). Half want him gone, half want him to stay"