Look at this beauty of a news story

Trump tried to get the DOJ to legitimately look into election fraud.

Ha! As though this is a bad thing.

These news orgs are shooting blanks. They are all out of ammunition.

Az is about to drop a shit load of evidence. Georgia it was just reported had a quarter of its ballots on one county with no chain of custody.

But Trump and his allies (lol what a statement) tried to investigate.

This is the shit you guys read. It’s like porn for fucking idiots.

Uhhh, no. He tried to force them to do it - and the DOJ new there wasn’t widespread fraud. Hence, they aren’t going to waste their time like the Republicans are currently doing.

Do we know there wasn’t widespread fraud? No
Do we know there was widespread fraud? Not yet. But in Fulton County there seems to have been.

Add Maricopa County and Wayne County and that’s all that’s needed.

He’s their boss. They defied his order.

Nope Canes51 knows…Canes51 who doesn’t know his ass from his cunny from a hole in the ground.

He KNOOOOWWWWSS there wasn’t fraud and he will stomp his feet and moderate anyone who mentioned there MIGHT have been.