Lmfao - coffee county rep chair latham

Video appears to undercut Trump elector’s account of alleged voting-data breach in Georgia



Add this to more Republican election fraudsters

They believe in election fraud so much, they do it themselves

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Obviously, the liars on this board have no comment.

Never seen em so silent on 2020 election fraud for over 2 years.

2 months after the election lol.

We’re interested in the night of and day after.

The party of criminals…this is a felony and matter of national security and occurred in several parts of the country by Trumpkins and Q Cumbers.

No integrity, ever lol.

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not a shred…not once in his life I suspect

I guess my point here is that BUT FOR the events of election night 2020 when our federal executive branch, and the will of the people with it, were stolen in front of our eyes, you wouldn’t have these sort of vigilante actions.

Are they right? No. But blame the criminals who stole our government equally. They created these people and their motives.

a lie that has been proven throughout over 60 court cases

Typical…you support criminals, traitors, etc.

The only people who tried to steal our government was Trump and his criminal, traitor allies. They’re going down one by one as well. Trump is next, traitor.

You mean “refused to be looked at in court” because certainly it wasn’t proven.

That’s false. Another lie. Do you ever make a post without being dishonest? I don’t want to put the time into checking, but I’d venture to say not many

Your point is that you are a god damn habitual LIAR who is going to hell.

Show me any of the 60 court cases you’re referencing that went to trial and allowed evidentiary hearings.

Here’s a quick synopsis of 40 of them:

It includes the 1 case he won, (that Trump’s supreme court eventually overturned, decreasing his horrific ERA).

It should be noted that Trump’s lawyers or those whom filed the cases OFTEN withdrew their cases. So while GSCl :lying_face: wn tries to lie (as per usual) that judges never gave a fair chance by tossing the cases brought by Trump or Republicans - just as many, if not more were dropped by those filing the cases.

You will never hear that angle from habitual liars like GSC :lying_face: wn tho.

Mr racist rants- I didn’t ask for a summary of 40 filed cases that were dismissed. I ask for the ones that actually made it to trial. I’ll wait.

Gee, I wonder why…

Mr racist rants? GSCl :lying_face: wn suddenly thinks it’s racism when he gets placed on the other side of the wall??? Lmfao GOT HIM

Newsflash - Trump and or pub lawsuits relating to lying about election fraud were so frivelous trump appointed judges laughed them out of the courtroom. A large percentage of the time trump and pub lawyers even pulled them out of the court because THEY THEMSELVES KNEW THEIR OWN LAWSUITS WERE TRASH.

GSCl :lying_face: wn could show some humility and back down, but NOPE. Keeps defending indefinsible positions, piling more shit on top of shit.

He LEGIT believes this shit too. That’s the fucking scary part of it all.

Getting you on record as a bigot and a racist is worth reading through all of your nonsense.

That’s funny coming from Pinocchio - GSCl :lying_face: wn