‘I’ve never been in debt like this’: Mike Lindell says he’s no longer wealthy due to election crusade


Every person who deals with trump ends up screwed. Julian had to sell his house to pay lawyer fees for his lies.

Being on the right side of morality does that sometimes.



How would you know? You don’t even understand the concept.

Tell me, what side of that morality was Rudy when he lied about Ruby Freeman, resulting in harassment and death threats to her and her mother, then admitted he flat out lied about it in court? When Rudy tried to sleep with a girl he thought was 16 on camera, where was that morality?

You mean like you are with Trump and his 91 felony indictments?

Those are all legit huh^^

People like this still exist?

Ahhh…the Cum Cleaner. Welcome back, Cum Cleaner. Get your mop out…clean up the right wing cum after the shoot. You never miss a chance to clean up after they spew their load.

You’re the guy at the porn shoot who cleans up the cum off the floor, but listens to Pat Robertson at lunch so you think you’re above it.

Sack…get your bucket out, boy! You’ve been summoned


Right, right…and he’s President too, right?

You’re too weak to face up to even the most basic parts of reality. Fact is, Trump lost and you lost your bet. You’re not man enough to even stand up and face even the smallest task.

91 felony indictments, Stormy Daniels. Tickey tockey

Your girl still taking that black dick in front of you while you sit in the corner with that BLM t-shirt she bought for you to prove you’re wokeness and have changed your racist ways?

Imagine thinking laughing at Trump’s 91 indictments has anything to do with partisanship? Only partisan sheep can’t see a pattern here

Wake up idiot.

And I don’t know who Pat Robertson is you fucking cuck

I’m not even reading whatever you wrote. You’re a cum-bucket cleaner for people with actual opinions. Wipe up that right wing cum, boy!

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The most amazing part of all of this. That someone still can’t open their eyes and see the corruption in our government.

It’s almost entirely from your side, too

Hahahah ^^^ Blind partisan cheerleading idiot

Vox told him the corruption is all on one side ya know

Did you change your racist ways you pussy whipped little cuck?

Your actual opinions are whatever Rachel Maddow spoon feeds you, cheerleader boy.

Not only that skeeter…. He has a neat little cheat sheet that told him Vox is a credible source.

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From the guy who thinks gravity is fake, Q is real, and the earth doesn’t revolve around the sun.

Look how the faggot dodges the issue and tells some stupid cum joke.

Meanwhile he dodges the cuck shit he admitted to

This spineless cucky twerp literally let his girlfriend tell him he had to change his racist ways. Little lib cunt took his balls real quick…Now he’ll jump any ole trendy progressive liberal cause like Get Trump, anti-racism, etc… Probably can’t wait for Jemele Hill’s next opinion piece.

If he comes back to a message board and spazzes out like this just imagine this little emotional sheep in real life screaming at his tv every time he sees a new conjured up trump headline.