Lia Thomas Speaks

Lia Thomas: I didn't transition to gain an advantage - ESPN Video via @ESPN App

Get em girl!!!

Nicely done.


And a stupid motherfucker like djrion believes her

I mean like anyone is going to admit to cheating…She’s disgusting.

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Why are we even saying “she?” It’s a dude on estrogen that may or may not have chopped his nuts off.

50 years ago it would have put you in an insane asylum. Today, you get to win trophies over inferior opponents while beta males cheer you on.

Because pronouns are vewry vewry important nowadays ya know.

And make no mistake about it…dj fuckboy is the consummate beta male. Got himself some liberal twat at some point, married her…And now he’s championing tranny rights because the wife needed more and started bringing one to bed with them.