Let's build a wall!

The next time a plane crashes or a boat sinks will you call for us to stop producing them?

Is this even a real spot? What the hell is your point?

Shot happens. Evil exists. That doesn’t mean walls don’t work.

Maybe we just need a BIGGER wall?

Wouldn’t surprise me if we learned CBP was pulled back from the wall to allow people in.

Even better, I bet CBP were the culprits behind dumping the twins over the wall as a staged event to show that no matter how high you build a wall, it will NEVER work and is a waste of my tax money to even think about something so stupid.

If that’s true you should take ever wall in your house down.

It’s true, these walls would stop no one from exiting or entering if desperate enough.

So take them down.

No, they are not used to keep people out.

Lmao! What’s your address. I’ll come by at 3am. I expect the doors to be wide open.