Let the Fuckery Begin!




Going to be fun! Thank god I really don’t give a shit this time around.

I consider the Republic dead.

Then get the fuck out. You’re not wanted in this country

Voting inclusion means those who regard voting as their first priority of a given day. Inclusion means including those who give a damn and to hell with others who don’t.

Don’t despair, GSC. The Republicans will have some wonderful House hearing on Hunter Biden and Biden family corruption. It will be the most watched government TV special of all times. Get your popcorn ready. Biden is going to be impeached and bethe first president convicted by the Senate. However, look for him to resign before the Senate vote. Otherwise, he forfeits his government pension if he is convicted. Then, it will be time to impeach the Border Czar who never visited the Border.

There’s a lot of fanfiction in this thread. Now we just need a love triangle.

Make me punk

Looking fairly good right now. Lots of too close to calls. Think I’ll go to bed and wake up mad and start claiming conspiracy lies after it all switches

Boebert < Frisch!!! Let’s go Colorado.


Dude - if you don’t see all the tomfoolery already I don’t know what to tell you.

They got people in Pennsylvania electioneering outside poll places for democrats. Like literally telling people who to vote for.

You mean like Mace greeting voters on Daniel Island as they walk in to vote?

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Montana and KY coming through for Roevember!!!

Nickel in NC!!!

Pubs doing good in NY and jersey wow.

How is it even this close? Wow. Massive massive massive fuckup by the no policy pubs. Absolutely bonkers Dems are pushing for both sides of congress

Projections for house

Republicans 219 margin of error with 13 seats. 218 controls the house



Dark Brandon GOT IT DONE

Imagine being in your 30s or 40s and calling him “Dark Brandon”??

Little partisan cheerleader


Keith nails the HISTORIC NIGHT

“sanity got up off the mat"

They’ve perfected the scheme. Sad day in America when Lake has lines to New Mexico and lost to a woman no one has any enthusiasm for.

Completely obvious.

You’re such a whiny, dishonest, child

They all voted for the status quo though.

I’m so tired of arguing with complete fools who believe all this shit because it benefits them.

I vote for the greater good and against my own economic interests gscl :japanese_goblin: wn for the most part actually. Notice how your nose continues to grow?

As did I. Trump and his lackeys benefit me and my financial and social situation.
As we’ve said before…you’ve never been honest about any subject a day in your life

How’d that Red Wave go, fucktard?

Let’s try this the other way-

Because I’m not a liar like you.

Show me where I said there’d be a red wave or that repubs would win this cycle.

I’ll wait. You won’t find it. Because I’ve been bearish for 18 months.

Exactly where did I make the claim you stated there was going to be a “Red Wave”?

I asked you how that “red wave” went. There were no accusations of you using any verbiage, just a question you’re too weak to answer.

Quite a pathetic fella, GSC.

I don’t know if GSC ever said it……but
Let than one person on here expressed a ton of confidence in a red wave.

It just hasn’t happened.

But that ok GSC - it’s because of election fraud right? Republicans always win honestly and when they don’t win it HAS to be because the other side cheated - lack of evidence be damned?