Do you all like this layout better than just the categories being listed? This one shows the categories and then the latest posts and which category they are in.

I changed it a little bit to show the latest from each category. It doesn’t look great, but I’ll see if I can spruce it up.

Note this is mostly for the desktop people. I don’t think mobile changes.

I actually wouldn’t mind trying out this new format.

I don’t mind it so long as functionality doesn’t change.

Showing the latest per category is MUCH better than the pure latest list.

People who come here for football talk don’t want to see Shelter posts or whatever. Yes, power users can mute other forums, but the default should be football friendly IMO.

The Latest list is very cool, btw. I use it in other forums and this one, and I can easily switch from football to Shelter if I want, or ignore one or the other. But I like the latest list being a separate step to click unless someone overrides their preferences. It’s too busy with meaningless info otherwise.

Nice job with the site so far! It was a lot easier to use mobile for gameday too, even though I’m usually a PC user.


I like it. It looks and feels like the old board.

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Thanks all. With holiday season I haven’t had much time to fool around with the looks of the site. Once January rolls around and things get back to normal I’ll have more time.

As always suggestions are welcome. I can’t accommodate everyone, but I will always read what you have to say.