Last Chance Storm Front

Because I hate censorship — I am willing to cancel the bet if you respond before 10am.

Just need you to admit that Biden, for better or worse, will be President this afternoon .


Assuming Biden becomes President today at noon, there might never be a clearer example for qanon followers that they are being manipulated and lied to by the leader/s of qanon.

99% of the time, they can riddle and vague question there way out of any culdesac. Not this time, not with a clear and defined deadline.

I’m interested in Storms timeframe for when the civil war begins. You are a good man to let him out of the bet. No chance he backs out.

It’s been years in the making and he’s never backed down. He’s either in line for one of the biggest “I told you so” moments or will regret trusting whatever sources he trusted. Not really a middle ground.

Sad, because he brings valid arguments and good perspective, but his delivery and his bombastic nature takes away from the arguments.

Very curious as to where he goes from here or if he disappears after 12PM.

Very classy, Fire, but he brought this on himself, he bullied his way into this position, and he called all of us idiots in the meantime.