King to return

Supposedly coming back !!! :grinning: :football:

Merry Christmas to all UM fans…

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D’Eriq King announces he will return to Miami for the 2021 season""

Great news!!!

I had a feeling he would return. This will allow us to see what Lashlee can do with a full offseason.

Thank God! We needed someone to throw out there to the Crimson Tide on opening night. Tyler Van Dyke also expressing his gratitude early this morning. :wink:

outstanding…this never seems to happen to us.

Thank god

Biggest returning player since the Coker years. That should keep Miami in the 10 win range in 2021. This means it is a two man race, potentially 3, to replace him in 22 with some serious talent around the replacement.

Phillips can leave and probably go 1st round. I don’t think anyone else needs to go this year. They’d make money if they stayed and got a full year in.

I was hoping Garcia would be on board.

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Huge. Can’t remember the last time something like this happened for us. What Lashlee did this season with no spring practice, average group of WR’s and a makeshift OL was incredible IMO. He wasn’t perfect, but he wasn’t our problem. Having King back for a second year in the same system, a full spring, summer, and fall practice along with the continuity with personnel will be huge. Hopefully we do what we need to do on the other side of the ball and we can atleast keep it to 1-2 scores come September, lol.

PS - Definitely amazing news for TVD and Garcia. They get another season of seeing how a true leader at QB operates on and off the field and they can duke it out come '22.


Nice to see a kid that actually enjoys playing college football. He has his flaws as a pure thrower but overall is an excellent college player and leader. Awesome.

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Now, is Bolden coming back?!

Jordan, Bolden, Nesta, Cam are the next group of kids that should stay to move up the draft board and get a degree.

Based on his erratic performance this season he would be foolish to leave. He really needs to develp and be more consistent before he even things about leaving. HUGE mistake if he left.

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Watching him tonight. Is it a good thing he is coming back. Might be better to get the Garcia regime going.


Torn ACL that will require surgery per Miami.

They’re saying 7-9 months for the ACL but isn’t it normally about a year before the damn thing’s about 100 % again? And it’s like someone pointed out Tuesday night - the play before was a TD called back that probably shouldn’t have been. If the TD stands, that ACL never happens. Our luck has been something else now for years. Even when someone comes back and we think it’s good news, we get the carpet pulled out from under us. When does it stop?!?