Ken Dorsey

He seems to be doing it again. First Cam and now Josh Allen. Why can’t this guy get a job better than NFL QB Coach, and why the weird stint at FIU?

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I have no idea if this is case with Dorsey, but being able to coach up a player and say put together an offensive game plan and calls plays are very different things.

He might not have the right agent. These super agents have taken over football. HC’s do not hire with out them anymore. They do not go by word of mouth from other respected coaches. Dorsey is still young. Also makes it tough going from NFL and college. Got to pick one or the other. It also is about timing. You got to hit on a top QB in a magical season. He is just stuck like most college coaches are unless a hot HC brings him along for the ride.

I’m just not believing that people thought in order to come back and coach at Miami that he “needs a year or two as a GA” and then we can talk about him coaching the QB’s. It’s laughable. The man should have been our OC under Richt at the very least and it’s clear he’s probably putting himself in position to put his hat in the ring for Manny’s job if things don’t work out down the road.

The proof has always been in the pudding when it comes to Dorsey and what he brings to the table mentally and psychologically. He’s a winner on the field with our great teams in the early 2000’s and he’s done nothing but produce when given the opportunity to work with a franchise’s greatest investment… their QB.

Where has he proved himself as an OC? How can you want him as a HC when he has proved less than Manny?

Where did I say I want him as HC? I asked why he has never been over a QB coach…why hasn’t he been given a shot at OC.

Where has he proven himself? At QB coach. Any great OC/DC/HC was at one point “unproven”, with not experience at OC/DC/HC. Guess what?!?! Some of them are going to be good! This risk aversion at Miami is killing us. We have played it safe with Shannon, Richt, and Manny and gotten nothing. We will never be able to pay for any elite, proven coach.