Ken Dorsey....OC

We can take him off the list

OC of the Giants

Good for him

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Pretty typical. Hire all sorts of “family” over the last 20 years but miss on the one that actually has a pulse.

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I wasn’t even crazy about Dorsey being our guy, but I wouldn’t classify this as a “miss”. It was a no brainer for him, no one should have realistically expected him here when we knew he would have several opportunities to run an offense in the NFL.


Unlike Dorsey, it doesn’t seem like NFL teams are lining up to hire Joe Brady so maybe that is still a viable option?

While an NFL hire is possible, I imagine Miami will end up with a career college coach who isn’t averse to the rigors of recruiting. Probably someone we weren’t expecting but who has had success as an OC for another program?

After signing day, hiring the coordinators is the next big thing. Stay tuned.

there’s got to be experienced college candidates out there with a track record of performing. i saw the other day Kevin Steele got hired by Maryland as their DC…why were we not in on that? would’ve been a home run.

When does camp start? We gonna have enough time to put together a play book?

well well well…

Good stuff. I would have preferred someone with more youth but Steele is a “good” hire, no doubt…especially this late in the game.

I know right!

Supposedly, Joe Brady heading to Buffalo as an offensive assistant (QB Coach) replacing Dorsey.