Kelly to UM official

Biggest Commitment of the Year…Huge get.

UM has landed 2 of it’s top 4 Sofla (and I guess you could say overall) targets

And are in play for the other two singing next month (Armelia, Stewart)

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Hasn’t signed LOI yet, right?

I believe he did? News is everywhere

The coverage screwed him over. Just skipped him. If that’s what you’re referring to

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One of moss or stewart for the next DE spot would make a home run haul. Pass rush was abysmal last season.


Hell, let’s root for booth…We are definitely in it for booth. Unless Stewart already has his mind made up and of course he may have taken the bag already.

I’d also say 50/50 chance Stewart moves inside, he’s huge.

Moss, Stewart, Mba, Lucas, Halton( Oregon commit from SD)…lots of opportunities to improve the DL.

OL- give those two time and I expect 2-3 4-5* kids by February

Yes, he signed LOI after I posted.

Kelly is the true prototype players in college football. He’s a guy who can play on the line, at the edge, as a LB, tall, rangy and fast. If Miami can add some bodies like Kelly, all of sudden we’ll have a tougher, faster, more physical team. Who will ever forget that there was only one team that taught the rest of the nation how to jam the vaunted Barry Switzer triple option. I think my best day as a Hurricane was watching how badly the Hurricanes punished a team that was supposed to be indomitable. I wonder what visions are going through Mario’s head at the moment. I have a feeling though that we’re really going to like Mario in Miami.

Also, like the LB commit. We need to get better at LB. Alabama has LBs three deep. Bissanthe is a good start.

To be clear, the way to do it was to have a professional defense in college. And they stopped everyone. I do not know why some lower school has not tried to go the option route to gain an advantage. Don’t know why Nebraska went away form it. Passing offense got them 3 wins this year.

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