Kam Kitchens

I’m super worried Kam might have just broke his neck (quadra).

Very worried. Everyone needs to be praying their asses off for that young man.

I watched it multiple times, and for the life of me I don’t understand what could have gone wrong.

Definitely need to pray for the young man.

Just read they took him to the Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial…

Prayers sent. Feels like this program is cursed when it comes to injuries

CMC reports things may be OK.

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HOPEFULLY a really crappy stinger.

Apparently, he is okay.

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It was weird because he immediately opened and closed his hand which made me feel like there was no paralysis injury. But then they treated it like it was one.

But good for the staff to take over precautions and ensure the kid is safe and healthy. Happy for him.

I believe the normal protocol for any potential neck injury is to do what they did to stabilize the joint just in case there is a fracture. To me, it looked like he got his bell rung but it’s impossible to tell with stuff like that. I’ve seen a few cases very seemingly minor impacts have led to permanent paralysis; Mike Utley for one. And when Malek Young fractured his neck against Wisconsin some years back, that impact looked very minor/routine.

This was my suspicion