Justin, I know you are still on this board, drop your links here week to week please…Otherwise I gotta post em anyway :grin: :+1: :+1: :raised_hands:

Thanks Willy for posting Justin’s excellent analysis of the BC game.

I thoroughly agree with Justin about Restrepo being a real football player, showing a passionate willingness to compete. His downfield block on the Key Smith runback was a thing of beauty. His back up Braschard Smith is also no slouch, and I believe should be used in some instances as a RB and/or wide out.

I agree also that we have a problem on defense. There should have been more sacks against BC. Our blitzing package was not productive enough. BC was able to round our ends too many times.

Justin’s discussion of Gilbert Frierson was also deserved and accurate. He’s definitely an instinctive players and throughout his career, he has made critical defensive plays for the Canes.

OT I watched Jackson State demolish Florida A&M. They were absolutely powerless against Deion’s team while against North Carolina they were able to move the ball some and scored 24 pts against the Tarheels. Against NC, the Rattlers had over twenty plays ruled unable to play, but they returned to the line up against Deion’s team. It didn’t help them. The Rattlers were demolished by a damn good football team. QB Shadeur Sanders passed them crazy, and the Jackson State defense was nearly as good scoring as was their offense. Kudos to Deion.

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I’m still a bugged by the lack of pressure, contain, and breakdowns in the secondary. At the most basic defensive call level, non of those things should have happened. I can see that stuff pop up in a first game, but not in a first game against an opponent like Bethune. Should not have happened.

I watched 5m of this game and nothing has changed, except the coach, again.

True, but again. This staff is the real deal, but they can only work so much magic coupled with brand new schemes.