Just Our Luck.....Remaining Games

CDL steps up and creates a new site - right when the rest of our games get postponed. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

At this point I’m just hoping the rest of them are even played. Wouldnt shock me if one/all get cancelled.


All was going well until @Canes51 joined the site… Just sayin…

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:thinking: Hmm… i think you are right. I did not realize him coming here would have dire consequences to the Canes… We all know 51 is banned from attending any games in person.


I thought Canes51 attended a game recently that we won.

Really? We’re really bringing that evil over here? :smile:

I have season tickets but haven’t been to a game this year (COVID). I was going to go to FSU this year. It my daughter was exposed to someone who tested positive so I chose to play it safe.

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“haven’t been to a game this year”


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Would have gone to the big arse kicking ar FSU had my daughter not been exposed to COVID positive student!

It’s probably a good thing you did not go. :wink:

This joke never gets old. Maybe someday I will forget about it.

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaahh. :joy:

Hell at this rate we’ll never play again.