Just how bad were our previous Head-Coaches and Coordinators ?!

Is Rhett Lashlee the only ex-Miami HC or Coordinator to have been hired as top man somewhere ?

All of the others are either on the rubbish heap or at best …DC. !

Al Golden





etc… etc… etc…Boy, can we pick 'em !

After Miami fired him, Coker went on to be the HC at UT San Antonio (he was the HC for their first ever team). Not exactly a glamorous HC job but it was the top spot somewhere.

Whipple was HC at UMass and OC at Pitt, now at Nebraska…until new HC likely fires him.

Jedd Fisch is HC at Arizona

Now go look at the Jimmy Johnson staff. Half of them or more were head coaches.

I do think Golden will get a second chance.

Which he has, because the Gamecocks OC is going to Nebraska to be with Rhule.

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Golden was waaaay over his head. He will coach again somewhere
Manny is the DC at Penn State, pretty good gig, he will coach again somewhere
Shannon, good DC, not a good HC
Whipple, Eh…
Coker, good OC who inherited a loaded team and didn’t wreck the car, not a good recruiter or HC.