Jury Duty

I know it’s Tik Tok, but good point on there in a video I saw…why can’t we have professional jury members? I think we’d all agree, despite pointing at each other, that our peers are fucking idiots.

I’m kind of a dork. I love jury duty. Went twice and got struck twice.

And it was a shame. Because they thought I’m conservative = I would be against their defendent when in reality I would have looked for every way to punish the cops if they did the wrong thing.

I digress…. Back to the issue.

Professional jury duty. Sounds great until you realize how corrupted that can become.

So now we have a roster we can target? People who are disgruntled and will now make decisions based on pay?

Personally, I think the system they have is good. They definitely should pay people more because it’s a huge inconvenience to leave work but other than that, as is.

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So, they’re not corrupt now?

We already have disgruntled people pissed off about pay…the pay they are losing by being there. Also, I have a friend who runs a company who picks juries…they already have a roster they can target. You’ve been through jury selection…

I’d moreso fix judges. I don’t like the concept of judges and think they are enormously corrupt. Though, I have no solution for a fix to that

I agree with pretty much everything GSC said. How’s that for strange?

Corruption would set in were we to have professional jurors. Soros would have a field day trying to control juries. Perennialism of juries would engender absolute power. Randomness in spite of prevailing stupidity is still the best way to assemble a jury of peers.

I probably don’t understand the context here since I can’t see the TikTok and even if I could, wouldn’t click the link. If it were to be privatized, not a chance in hell. If it were civil service, which is of the upmost importance in a democratic society, then I’d venture to guess it would be fine.


The lack of pride to think you have to preface your statements…Sorta like “I can’t see what skeeter said, but here let me bitch about it”

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