John Fetterman

Is he really going to the Senate after having a stroke?

I don’t know if any of you have heard him recently but he really doesn’t sound well.

I don’t know about the long term prognosis and I hope he gets well, but Oz must be terrible if he loses to this guy.

The guy went to Harvard and lived off of his parents into his 40’s. Yet he tries to portray himself as a blue collar guy with the hoodie.

He also chased down an unarmed black guy years ago. But the media doesn’t care about that.

I feel bad for PA if they elect this guy.

Neither does Biden :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

Fair point

Obviously I’m in Pittsburgh, I have a funny story about Fedderman and a non-political (old-timer, street guy…Good dude though, funny Mfer) friend’s interpretation of the situation. It was at a poker game. I’m not sure I can do it justice but typing it out. But it was fucking hilarious…And basically hits the nail on the head.

I’ll try to get to it in this thread this weekend.

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Neither should be in office.

Question. Would any of you vote for Fetterman for the same reason I would vote for Herschel? Bear in mind, however, of two bad candidates, I think Herschel is more earnest about helping ALL Georgians. BTW, Dr. Oz is a Muslim, but he’s also an excellent American.

Thinking back to a previous post, I named Dr. Munir Sendich, a Bosnian Serb whose native language was Russian who helped both my wife and myself with a number of manuscripts. Munir was also a Muslim, and long-time editor of the Russian Language Journal where my wife’s poetry was first published.

My hatred is not for Muslims, not for people, but for Islam which is an inherently unfair religeo-political force and a threat to Western Civilization.

All religion is tho. Therefore you stating your hatrid not for people is a lie

Dr. Munir Sendich also was a scholar on Boris Pasternak, writer of Dr Zhivago…the grandfather of one of the fraternity brothers of Dallas and I. Pasternak was always just a little bit cooler than everyone else…who, in his elder age, frequents restaurants in Denver with his wife while wearing giant Dinosaur heads

Chris Matthews back on MSNBC (relating to fetterman)

Olbermann ROCKED him today as the WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD …

Matthews is the worst?


Can’t stand him, never could. I don’t like the way he speaks. I never liked how reactionary he is, whether leaning left or right. Seems like the quintessential boomer. Also, it seems like he has spittle on each side of his mouth all the time. It’s weird and gross

Listen to Keith

He will explain it for you, very well.