Jobs, DOW, Paxlovid

Jobs up

Unemployment down

DOW hitting record

All better numbers than trump at this time in his presidency - to put in perspective trump wasn’t dealing with pandemic either

Lastly, encouraging news from Pfizer regarding paxlovid.

Not a bad news cycle the past 48

I’m sure bikki will soon be posting about everyone’s retirement plans…

Inflationary pressures, supply chain issues, and millions of jobs unfilled. The economy is not better than pre-pandemic by any stretch. Are you crazy?

I listened to a well regarded economist from Kennesaw State give a speech yesterday and his outlook was sobering.

Who said it was better than Obamas economy?

Inflationary pressures are definitely a concern. But all the aforementioned numbers are better than where trump was at this time in his (ahem) presidency.

Let’s hope the supply chain issues can sort themselves out (for pubs and dems alike).

Nov 3rd, 2021

Under a Dem!!!

Indiana is correct here. Dow may be up, but this is not a good situation. Amazing what the long term effects of COVID are in addition to some of the dumb policies Biden has in place.

There are concerns and we are in uncertain times, but we’ve had some great news this week. Only a fool would claim we are fine, but no one has done that. Likewise, only a fool would ignore these signs.

These are nice baby steps that hopefully are signaling a positive direction

(And the numbers ALL listed are higher than where Trump was at this same time in his presidency).

Unemployment? Minority unemployment?

The problem is that a large portion of the workforce has gotten content receiving government checks and isn’t going back to work.

We are in the low 60’s percent of the eligible work force that is working. That’s 5-7% lower than it was pre-pandemic. The number has crept up 2-3% after the huge dip during the middle of the pandemic but isn’t rising, which is a big problem.

We are improving slowly (very slowly), but I don’t think the Dow is anything to get too exited about. And I said the same thing when Trump was touting the Dow.

My lord what a stupid post.

Trump didn’t have a pandemic to manage? Cool- wipe those deaths off you made him responsible for.

Energy prices are through the roof and rising in the winter.

Supply chain is a disaster.

Inflation through the fucking roof.

Labor participation is amazingly low.

Real estate showing first signs of a pause and reduction in home prices (major red flag).

Oh- equities are rising? That’s what happens when bond yields and savings rates are ridiculously low and the only place to invest the newly printed money is in stocks. Yippee!

I’m not one of those guys that loved Trump’s economy. It had many of the same problems. But Biden’s economy is flirting with complete meltdown. So if I were you, I’d be a little humble because if there is a “pop” I think it comes in this term…. And you won’t have Donald to blame. You’ll have to rely on “it’s cyclical…. It was bound to happen.”

Yep, not year 1

You’re an idiot.

Trump reversed the economic impact of that pandemic for Joe to enjoy.

The entire fucking world stopped working so you idiots could win an election. Trump mitigated the effects of that pause of production.

You are such a deluded asshole it’s frightening.

Got him!

Lol what dickhead this guy is.

Lol…Especially when there clearly shouldn’t be “long-term effects”…Or at least a lot less than there are

This is all by choice. This is the effects of ridiculously stupid COVID MITIGATION. Not covid lol…

This is not entirely true. You’re simplifying it. As always.

Don’t listen to Djrion. We’re in for AT LEAST a recession, and perhaps a depression. Run amok inflation and higher corporate taxes will augur in a stick fork in it moment for the U.S. Inflation is going to go out of control. If you think things are expensive now, you, just wait a few months. The Fed has announced it will begin raising interest rates. The cost of entitlements to illegal alien chiselers will be daunting. The stock market is past due for a crash. Higher corporate taxes will result in lower corporate earnings as paying out profits will be seen as a huge transfer of capital out of the private sector… Expenses will be inflated and profits will be expressed as operational expenses… The consumer of course will pay for the tax hikes indirectly and the payments will be on top of the huge rise of prices due to inflation. Look for gasoline prices over $5 a gallon short term, and double that in a year. Currently, gasoline prices in the U.S. by world standards are among the lowest in the world. Dollar value erosion due to Biden’s insane spending will put us up with the high price European nations. Biden is well on his way to destroying the economy. Eat all the steak you can while you can still afford it.

As I state above…It’s mostly true…Sure there would have been some. But we should have been playing ball long ago. But hey covid served it’s purpose.

I think the restrictions over the last several months in some areas have been completely unnecessary - still can’t believe masks in schools are still a thing.

Pure evil