"Joaquin said 'DOMINATE!', and we're not doing it!"

Shot’s fired!


Oh, the guy whose relevance is Ed Reed mentioning him in a sentence twenty years ago😂

Oh you mean the guy who passed up an academic full ride to Harvard so that he could walk on at Miami and eventually become a starter (and two time First Team All American) for the greatest college football team of all time?

You mean a man and leader that even the great Ed Reed held in such high reverence that he referred to the words Joaquin said before the game to help drive his very passionate point home to his teammates?

You mean that Joaquin Gonzalez? I think he’s earned the right to criticize and be tough. We are so far away from the top and he’s just calling a spade a spade.

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Irrespective of who he is/was, he isn’t wrong.

Joaquin seems to be most vocal when being negative about the program. I don’t care what type of education he passed up. He was great for us when he played. Now it seems he will always find something to complain about.

Wasn’t he part of the team that vouched for Coker?

He was - along with Dorsey.

I wouldn’t give away the 2001 title for anything…but man we sold our soul when we hired Coker.

Good OC…but obviously we see how the HC thing worked out.

the beginning of the end

And I’m sure Joaquin would be the first to say that about Coker. You or I could have coached that team to a national title, so it was never about Coker… it was about maintaining the status quo for one last ride in Coral Gables and a ring. They had a good thing going, and didn’t want to screw it up by bringing in someone that potentially didn’t understand the dynamic of the locker room. At least Coker didn’t screw that season up, and honestly, how much do you blame him for 2002? Minimal IMO at best.

I told you the thing about Harvard not to impress you… but to remind you that he’s an intelligent individual who knows what it takes to succeed in the UM program. He literally had to figure it out for himself as a walk on so you’ll have to forgive him if he holds these guys to the high standards that he helped set.

Ask anyone from that 2001 team and if they wanted to speak publicly, the sentiment wouldn’t be all that different from Joaquin… he’s just willing enough to say that this is not good enough and fans and alumni deserve more.

You can not blame a bunch of talented 20 year olds to want to keep the OC as head coach back in 2001. But they are 20 year old and you do not take their opinions as facts even if there are 100 of them. The adults in the room should have made a bigger decision for the future. If nobody else is begging to talk to your coach he might not be right for a program like Miami. Thus why we were all upset when the adults in the room went so hard after Manny when only Temple was going to take a chance on him.

This makes me curious about the situation involving Coker…

Was anyone really coming after him for a head coaching job? Anyone at all?

I remember in the U doc, someone said something about Barry Alvarez coming down from Wisconsin and players like Ed Reed didn’t want that.

Say what you will about Barry Alvarez, he was a good coach… but only coached for about 4 more years before getting the sweet AD deal at Madison and the opportunity to choose his successor. Would he even have come to Miami if offered?

Correct me if I’m wrong… I don’t know the stories.

Coker lost three games in his first three years and went to BCS bowls, yes, on the coattails of Davis’ last recruiting classes. But its not like he drove it into the ground in that time…

He’d been the OC for 6 years before assuming the HC role. Those players knew him and yes, knew they could control him but the main players in that locker room was not going to let that turn into a negative. For two years, Miami didn’t lose. I don’t believe the players or the administration was totally in the wrong for allowing Coker to succeed Davis after he’d been there for the entire rebuild and all of the probation. He had a big hand in that whole process.

No he may not have been the guy to keep it going forever and beyond, but hell even the greats move on or lose a step at some point.

For some reason the rest of those champions choose not to be publicly negative at every chance possible. My money is on the collection of champions on that team that continued to be elite at the professional level over one guy who turned down Harvard

I’m perplexed at all the hatred toward someone just calling it like he sees it.

Call me jaded. Call me bored with UM and this mediocrity. Call me whatever you want, but by all means… TELL ME WHERE JOAQUIN GONZALEZ IS WRONG!

He’s not. So you find ways to disparage his legacy and mock his pro career and his background and how Ed Reed mentioned him in a famous impromptu speech?

Sure, maybe the others don’t want to. Or don’t care to. Or don’t have time to.

I’m glad there are voices like his out there calling it the way it is. I’m glad he’s holding feet to the fire the only real way he can. If Manny or UM don’t like it, SHUT HIM UP AND WIN!

We are miles… MILES behind Alabama and UM football may as well be resting their necks on the guillotine for the next 216 days.

Gents, thicken your skin when it comes to things like this… I know its hard to believe since it’s not Ed Reed or Ray Lewis saying it, but I’m willing to bet he’s far from alone in his thoughts about the way Manny has been running this program in various aspects.

So he mocked the defensive backs coach. So what? It doesn’t make any sense to hire someone from a staff that finished where they did defensively… especially the one calling the plays. That’s not his decision, but it’s on Manny and this new dude to shut him the hell up if they don’t like it.

Nothing would satisfy me more to see Joaquin eat crow this year… because that means there’s nothing more to criticize and Miami is winning and winning big.

But when a guy is right, what more can you say? It just upsets you because its true and he’s’ holding the mirror up at the ones who’s fault it was. He’s just the guy that helped build the standard, but you go on and be upset at him and not the one who’s making the decisions and now calling plays.

Joaquin can bitch all he wants but the budget will limit Miami’s ability to hire elite NFL coaches like Bama. That said, what Manny has pulled off this offseason actually beat my expectations.

  1. Upgraded to T-Rob at DB who I consider to be a better coach than Rump and Banda combined and pairing him with DVD who appears to be a good recruiter (similar to Banda). Not only that but he moved Rumph to an admin role.
  2. Upgraded the DL by retaining the current coach as admin AND hiring an NFL DL coach in Simpson.
  3. Let his boy find a job at LSU freeing up a spot for another LB coach.
  4. Brings in Shoop as an admin role.

-2 DCs that were green as DC: Banda + Baker
+2 DCs that have years of experience as DC: T-Rob + Shoop.
+1 DL coach
+1 DB coach

Travis Williams at LB coach with… Co-DC experience much like TRob.

We lose Baker and Banda. Add TRob, Simpson, TWilliams, Shoop. Move DVD to coach, Rumph to admin, and Stroud to admin.

The only negative is having Manny as DC/calling plays with tons of positives IMO.

I suspect neither care and/or know what Joaquin thinks.

No one is arguing we aren’t miles behind the greatest college football empire ever seen in Bama, but Joaquin ain’t going to change that in 140 characters or less

We are off season national champs again under Manual! Lmk when the product is bearable to consume again during football season.

I like this title. I think I’m gonna brag about it to my buddies.

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