Jake Garcia

Well, now we know why Garcia was never going to start. He has a LOT of heart, and a LOT of guts and LOT of desire to win games… But unfortunately he does not have the skills needed to compete at this level. He may have been awesome in HS, but his skills don’t translate to the FBS. To be fair, his OC did him no favors. I was really puzzled by the Gattis playcalling.

Watching that train wreck of a game at UVa, I was having flashbacks of the 2007 NC State @ Miami game with Kirby Freeman at QB and Patrick Nix at OC… :frowning:

Freeman was another highly rated HS prospect that could not cut it in the FBS and I am afraid Garcia will suffer the same fate. I really feel bad for him.

If I remember correctly that was the weirdest QB stat line ever.

1 for 14 for 98 yards and a TD pass. It was also the game (I think) where Sam Shields turned around for a pass, saw it coming at him, he dodged out of the way and it was picked off.

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Eh. Not ready to throw in the towel on Garcia until I see what happens with a competent OC and QB coach. Wouldn’t be shocked it he transfers and lights it up elsewhere.

Shit, I mean Hendon Hooker is getting Heisman hype and he was a joke at VT.


I completely understand your point, but what I am basing my opinion (and let’s face it–it is the opinion of a rank amateur) on what I see during plays. Underthrowing passes, overthrowing passes, reading defenses, etc. It just looks like he’s struggling.

Maybe some time and gametime experience will do the trick, but my gut tells me he just doesn’t have what it takes.

For sure struggling. I think based on how all 3 have struggled though, it’s a lot more to do with offensive planning. I mean I wonder if our first drive is even scripted it’s so haphazard, especially with routes.

And I can understand the criticism that maybe our WR don’t understand the trees and options…but then why are we putting out an offense where none of the QBs and WR are on the same page?

I dunno, offense is a mess. Gattis a terrible OC. Makes it hard to figure out if the position coaches and players are trash too or just covered in the Gattis stank. People say you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit in defense of the coaches…:the inverse is true too.

I think it was former 5 star WR Lance Leggett. And he ducked at a pass. My goodness what a clusterfuck he was lol

Yes, it was Leggett

That’s right. It was Lance.

With all apologies to Sam Shields. :rofl:

I couldn’t wait until he left!

Sam Shields was a Cane through and through

Man I hate you guys! Now you’ve got me thinking of a dream-staff where Gattis would be OC and Mark D’Onofrio would be DC… Oh…the possibilities ! :smiley:

A dream straight from Elm Street! :joy: Would Randy be the head coach?

I didn’t think anyone could be worse than Patrick Nix. I was sorely mistaken.

Sometimes I think the hate for Miami is so so so strong that people kamikaze their careers to come fuck it up for us. Who knows, maybe they getting paid by boosters from other programs to come make sure Miami doesn’t rise again.

(Yes guys- I’m being highly facetious, but wtf!)

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Honestly I’m weirdly impressed how wildly inefficient the offense is. 19th in pass yards per game…but 102nd in points per game. 27th in TOP…109th in rush yards per game.

So we’re a team that controls the clock by passing the ball and never scoring. WHAT?? :joy:

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I’m freaking mystefied. I don’t know how we’re this bad, but we’re this bad. It defies mathematics and physical reality, but that’s where we are.

There isn’t much that is more frustrating than getting 1st and goal at the 2 and settling for a FG.

Tan Enos has to go!!!

I see what you did there! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Garcia has now entered the portal. Where he comes out is anyone’s guess.

Garcia seemed to have a major pick problem. Maybe he’ll grow out of it but I doubt it.