Jacurri Brown

Decision Day

seems like were going to get him, although i don’t know what the fuss is about.

yes i don’t mind a QB that can move, but not one who completes less than 50% of his passes.

would rather have Morris.

Yeah, the ~50% completion rate is not great. But heck of an athlete. Tough to pass up. Seems better fit for Lashlee’s system than Garcia.

Really like this kid. Super high ceiling.

I had to post something!!

Somebody said the message board was in a rut…

Big fan of this kid…He has some cam newton in his game. He is a very good athlete. His ability to make all the throws is impressive. He does need some work throwing but some of that could be just something like footwork, mechanics. A good coach can fix some of those things. He would be a great get after landing Garcia last year.


He hasn’t committed yet.

A good prospect. Time will tell.

And his highlight reel completion percentage is very high.

HS completion rates are worthless…as are college. Anyone remember Brock Osweiler’s? It was like 65% because all his passes were screen passes.

HS QB’s may not have have an OL, receivers that can catch, or a system that makes any sense. Their team may constantly be getting killed because it could be a terrible team with only a few good players.

Now, if you watch the game tape and you exclude all the drops, exclude all the rushed throws because of pressure, and just look at throws where the pass should be on the money I think that is useful. Takes some work, and really a camp setting should be used to evaluate future accuracy (is the flaw something that can be fixed?)

^ using that logic, artur sitkowski should’ve been a take.

you can’t get 100% of them right. I don’t remember sitkowski specifically though…

IMG kid I think

Ended up at Temple??

Ended up at Rutgers. Believed he started as a true freshman, which was unfair to him, but had one of the worst seasons statistically of all time for a QB lol. 4 TD’s and 15+ INTs with like 1K passing.