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Also, Patrick Joyner to the portal. Didn’t do much at Miami but not like they have a lot of spare DE’s or LB’s.

I can’t see how Rumph survives given his epic failure as a recruiter. I doubt Manny will pull the trigger on Baker but he might on Rumph. Too bad, I would have liked to see Rumph succeed but he ain’t getting it done.

Rumph and Stroud gone per footballscoop.com

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IF Manny lands an elite DB coach, I fully expect to see a ton of Man 2 deep with the front 7 working on the other side of the line. Soooo sick of the soft zone, sit back, let the QB have 3-4 seconds to find the open man.

Multiple sources have said Rumph is gone including 247/insidetheu.

Stroud needs to retire due to his medical condition. At worst, move to admin for 1-2 years until Covid is full under control and he has a better outlook himself. This should benefit Miami IF Manny can land a good replacement.

There should be one requirement for the new defensive back coach:

Ace Recruiter.

It’s the TE Coach (where Stephen Field is perfect) of defense, especially when you have SoFla quality corners to recruit from.

Now for the DL Coach, spend the money. The Top 3 hires on any staff need to be OC, DC, DL.

Also, glad that Jackson reminds everyone that transfers take incoming class spots (and that rule should not be changed with the open transfer rules now, maybe you can talk to me about NFL departure spots).

Finally, Joyner is a shame. He took a bad leg injury when he got here, and it limited him.

I’m on the fence between OL or DL coach being more important. Top OL coach can make good money…I think the going rate is 700k.

S&C coaches are making more than $700k in some cases.

I’d like to see ICs given for NFL and Medical retirements that never play again. My guess is the ncaa will go full free agency and allow one time transfers without using a counter.

Sounds like Stroud is moving to a non-coaching staff position?
IIRC, that is what he was originally hired to be but then Coach K left.

He has a blood disorder so he really should be limiting his exposure to COVID and everything else. I assume he has been vaccinated by now?

He seems to have done a really good job as a DL Coach? One of the few that the peanut gallery here never seemed to complain about much.

OL is the most important unit on the team. if the OL works, then usually the QB, WRs, and RB work out as well, not to mention neutralizing the defense.

OL coach is definitely more important…get a monster recruiter & developer there and you’re in business.

I don’t disagree that having a quality offensive line is nice, but you can scheme around an average line. If you have no pressure on defense, you are just waiting to be carved up.

That’s why I’ll always vote DLine.

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