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How anyone could be happy about forced vaccinations is sad.

How anyone is happy while trying to destroy our economy with wilful ignorance is pathetic.

Where is that?



Like prohibiting people from working because of a disease that can’t kill them?

Commie cunt

Hooray for Jim Crow 2.0!

Hurray for the social contract.

Hmmm…that’s curious. Jim Crow 2.0. Let’s see…as we know, Jim Crow laws were put in place after the Civil War to remove the gains made by black folks in the Reconstruction era, enforced until 1965, almost 100 years in place as some began as early as the 1870s. What did they entail, considering you’re clutching your pearls right now because you have to get a vaccine to get a sandwich, or to go inside to get your sandwich considering you can just order it and have it brought to you without a vaccine.

So - rights you’ve lost
-you can’t go inside certain restaurants in a few cities across the country without getting a vaccine and showing proof.

  • You can’t board a plane on certain airlines without said vaccine proof.
  • some people look at you like you’re a dickhead

Rights taken away by Jim Crow
-laws mandated state level racial segregation in all facets from businesses to housing, public utilities, transportation, etc

  • In some states, they restricted the kind of property black people could own
  • deprived black men of their voting rights “While the 14th and 15th Amendments prevented state legislatures from directly making it illegal to vote, they devised a number of indirect measures to disenfranchise black men. The grandfather clause said that a man could only vote if his ancestor had been a voter before 1867—but the ancestors of most African-Americans citizens had been enslaved and constitutionally ineligible to vote. Another discriminatory tactic was the literacy test, applied by a white county clerk. These clerks gave black voters extremely difficult legal documents to read as a test, while white men received an easy text. Finally, in many places, white local government officials simply prevented potential voters from registering. By 1940, the percentage of eligible African-American voters registered in the South was only three percent. As evidence of the decline, during Reconstruction, the percentage of African-American voting-age men registered to vote was more than 90 percent.”
  • “social, commercial, and legal discrimination. Theaters, hotels, and restaurants segregated them in inferior accommodations or refused to admit them at all”
  • Shops served black folks last
  • segregated public schools where the black schools were remarkably underfunded resulting in generations of black children received education designed to be inferior to whites
  • didn’t call black folk for jury duty, so no black folk got trials by peers
  • Intermarriage was illegal in many places, like Florida.
    -Cohabitation between races was illegal in many places, like Florida
  • Blacks can’t be buried in white cemeteries
  • Parks “It shall be unlawful for colored people to frequent any park owned or maintained by the city for the benefit, use and enjoyment of white persons”
  • It was illegal in some states to even write about the idea that this discrimination was wrong, like Mississippi

So, tell me more about the things you’ve been stripped of and how similar it is to Jim Crow laws.

We’re at the tip of the iceberg. It’s hasn’t even gone anywhere yet. Just wait.

A large majority of blacks are skeptical of the vaccine. Taking away rights because they don’t want to get an experimental jab is adversely affecting them.

Adorable response.
Oh, the horror!!! You’re practically a slave, already, huh?


We’ll, I’m not black, so I’m not the demographic it’s affecting in large numbers.

Good place to be in society with a dementia patient and policies that further divide the nation.

Things are looking up for sure.

If it stops here…Or hell even a little further…Sign me up now.

Get real! Covid didn’t divide the nation’s races nor did Covid scare black people about inoculations. Decades and decades of being lied to by government officials about medical testing and being illegally experimented upon made them scared to believe shit. Hell, you don’t believe shit now and you’re a white guy from Indiana. You live in a state that’s practically as white as frosty the snowman’s butthole and you’re obviously hesitant.

All that being said, I don’t give a shit if you get a vaccine or not. From my perspective, 98% of the people in hospitals over covid didn’t want a vaccine. Seems like a win/win to me. I had my office go back to work last May. We quit wearing masks when they said to, but I did jiujitsu class the entire time and competed twice during the heart of the pandemic. We went out to eat, went shopping, etc. Do what you want dude. Live with the consequences, but whatever.

Hopefully, that’s it. I’ll candidly admit some of these places are out of their fucking minds, like NYC and Cali.

I agree with a lot of that. I’m just pro free choice, especially when the death rate is so low. This isn’t Ebola. We’ve been dealing with viruses forever.

Me too. I’m all in favor of anyone not getting a vaccine if they don’t want to. It’s a win/win in my book.

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Then talk to your Nazi friend djrion who is adamant that anyone not vaccinated is killing the economy and other human beings.

Oh, I think they might be. I just don’t care if they die at this point. I think dj is nicer than I am and cares more about people. I’d rather you die and Chik Fil A stays open than the other way around.

Nazis were the bastards who took away rights and privileges for those they didn’t like in an effort to murder them or remove them from society. At least DJ’s motivations are about saving people and not murdering them. Why hate the guy for caring a bit more about you than you do?