Is there a real King timeline?

I’m guessing ready by August, but not sure of the latest rehab styles, and recovery options now? Is there a doctor in the house :grinning:

You can be back in 9 months now pretty easy. I would expect him to be limited in summer as well (throwing, jogging, no running).

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If everything goes right, no reason not to expect him ready for the opener. It’s crazy how much medicine has changed this specific injury this century. Used to be the equivalent of a pitcher having Tommy John Surgery.

Back in 1993 I was back from an ACL tear in 5-1/2 months but I was not close to 100% but I was in full contact practices as a TE. Was running a 5.0 laser 40. The following spring was back down to 4.75.

The point is he will be back in pads by June but he will not be as electric. And maybe that is good for him. To read down field until run is the last resort.