I assume the season ends this evening as Miami barely got past Drake the other day.

We’ll see. Not sure how good IU is this year so Miami could win, I suppose.

Aside from the BS loss to FSU at the end of the season, a good year overall.

'Canes playing Indiana tonight in a second round matchup in the men’s tourney… women are playing Indiana tomorrow night in a second round matchup in the women tourney. Weird, huh?

'Canes looking good so far in the first half. So far this islooking like the Auburn game in last years tourney. I hope they can keep up the intensity…

Well, well, well … IU the basketball school loses to the supposed football school.

Miami is in the Sweet 16. Good for them.

Sadly, they play Houston next. It would be a major upset if UM gets past them.

Sweet 16.

How sweet it is.

I hope Wooga Poplar is OK… that was a NASTY spill he took

What a difference in play tonight against Indiana compared to our play in the Drake came. Great to see Norchad back to form; he was a force in the paint. Wong and Miller totally redeemed themselves, and Indiana was dispirited completely at the end. Great to see the Canes in the Sweet Sixteen.

Shame our next opponent is Houston, but who would thought Fairleigh Dickinson would beat Purdue. FAU got their ticket punched as well.

Opening spread on the Miami Houston game is Houston -7.5… expected to go to Houston -11.

Well, like they say… that’s why they play the games.

Go 'Canes

Miami lost to the eventual champion, Kansas, in the final 16 last season.

Houston won 30 some games this season. If they have an awful shooting night and Miami plays lights out, Miami can win but if they both play average games, Houston likely prevails.

I’d like to see UM make to the final 8 and beyond but it seems unlikely.

The Miami women beat Indiana a day later. LOL!

Ya think IU’s tired of Miami basketball about right now? :grin:

…the funny thing is, they could probably beat us in football right now. :nauseated_face:

IU hoops fans are going to be seeing Orange and Green in their nightmares for weeks…

Pretty much what happened. Houston only shot about 35% and Miami had a good game (shot 50%). A big upset.

Final 8 for the 2nd year in a row. Would be great to see them go even farther.