Incredibly Stupid Loss

I was afraid Miami would lose to GT. The classic game where a team looks past an opponent it deems weak.

Miami dominate the stats but had 5 turnovers and struggled to score against a team that lost to Bowling Green the week before.

But, even so Miami was positioned to eek out the win. All they had to do was take a knee on a third down play with about 35 seconds left on the clock. But no, let’s run a play for no reason that risks a fumble and injuries; that makes sense.

Dawson is an idiot. Ever since the famous 1978 NY Giants/Joe Pisarcik/Herm Edwards Monday Night Football play, Football 101 has been take a knee when the game is over. This loss was even more stupid than Hail Flutie was.

Was the fumble reviewed? I don’t watch Miami games live anymore because of shyt like this.
If I still watched the games live, I would have to change my username to “madstroke.”

GT was an “easy win game” that Miami needed to have a good chance of getting 8 wins. They face some pretty good teams in the near future; NC, Clemson, FSU and Louisville. They will be lucky to win one, really lucky to win two; 50/50 chance they lose all four.

The fumble was reviewed and the play stood, which was total BS because Chaney’s elbow was very clearly down BEFORE the also very clear stripping motion that pulled the ball out of his hands. It was a travesty of a call.

It’s the dumbest fucking loss in the history of football. Victory formation or take a fucking knee, but NOOOOOO, lets keep doing dumb shit that could produce a turnover. Un fucking acceptable. This shit broke me boys, fuck it all…The level of fuckery on display and not taking a knee is pure fucking insanity! Seriously, it’s the dumbest fucking loss of all time in the sport. Holy fuk

It was robbery

But it’s still one of the handful of dumbest losses in the history of the sport. Gotta be a fuckin moron to run a play there.

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They robbed us on 2 calls. Not just the Chaney one.

Hopefully this fuels the team instead of deflates them.

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Rob?! WE LITERALLY JUST NEEDED TO TAKE A KNEE 3 TIMES IN A ROW, to pull out a shitty win. Complete idiocy. Next level fuckery for no reason…I’m yelling at the fucking tv, to just victory form and knee that shit…but no, these dumb motherfuckers are gonna keep calling dive plays that could cause a fumble. What does it matter if we have #1 recruiting classes, when this fucking circus is taking place on the most basic fucking level!!! Holy fucking idiots.

I’m going to just leave this here.

It was 3 or 4 altogether…The announcers even said the hold on Cooper on the TD was phantom.

"I don’t watch Miami games live anymore because of shyt like this.
If I still watched the games live, I would have to change my username to “madstroke.”

…So you’re saying that Cristobal had a “Butch Davis moment” ? :rofl:

See above. Cristobal had a Mario Cristobal moment.

Go watch the play around 13:40 in the first quarter and tell me that CB didn’t close fist punch George in the neck. Next play, George was called for blocking!

Absolutely HORRIBLE and UNNECSSARY Loss.
TVD was horrible!

But, aside from not taking the knee let’s talk about our defensive alignment on that last play. Why didn’t we have, at the very least, our safeties standing on that goal line? I noted FOUR 'Canes in the area of the WIDE OPEN GT WR. Total mental collapse by our Coordinators and HC.

What type of conspiracy shit can I start up by saying “follow the money”
I mean wtf. A game we were supposed to win. TVD throwing 3 ints ans passes that look like lofty throws instead of darts. Refs making false calls. Not taking a knee. GT not able to hardly move the ball but can make a drive in 25 seconds to win the game. If i remember correctly the pass for the touchdown to win was played horribly by the defender.
Seems a little suspect. Or am i totally wrong and just seeing if anyone else wants to jump on the conspiracy train. Or do we need to move it to the storm seller thread. Lol

Queue Stormfront in 3… 2… 1…