“In Essence, We Lied

Alex Jones article…

I never really followed Alex Jones

But I’m certainly not going to read a CNN article about anything on the right lol

No thanks.

Well you don’t read or do research, so I wasn’t expecting you to.

Try again brat… It’s getting old and dull

How about you just try……to do research. Toilet wine.

This CNN article qualifies as research?

How can you say something doesn’t qualify as research if you haven’t even fucking read it?

Read the story. Jones is a fucking psycho.

And you’re a bratty fucking cunt…So?

Why would I read a CNN article about Alex Jones? I can predict what it says lol… You lost little sheep

Wait. I get it now. You’re an Alex Jones slurper but don’t want to admit it because you’re “moderate.”

Makes perfect sense now.

Other than what you people post on here…I’ve never listened or read a word the man has said.

Way to deflect though twat

You’re either lying, or you’ve admitted you haven’t read any of it to make an informed opinion.

Either way, what you’re saying at the moment doesn’t matter. So fuck off. Toilet wine.

Absolutely brilliant work by CNN. Journalism/media at its finest right there. I’m not even done with the piece yet.

Thank you for sharing @Canes51

Bahahahahahahaha…No dog in this fight huh?

You’re either lying, or you’ve admitted you haven’t read any of it to make an informed opinion.

I’m doing neither…I’m telling you I don’t/won’t read a word written by CNN. What is so difficult here?

If you’re not willing to read it then you have no right to an opinion on it.

Toilet wine.

Just pointing out that you posted a grossly biased article in an attempt to waste everyone’s time.

And I highjack FAR FAR FAR less threads than you, cunty moderator

See the Biden’s 30’s thread if you need a reference point.

Not wasting anyones time at all. They can choose to read it. Like you, they can choose not too and fuck off.

Pretty relevant to me considering he was there on 1/6.

Run along toilet wine. You’ve got a busy day of threatening posters and their families for no reason.

Back to ignore. Every time I think he has something to offer, he types and proves me wrong. useless


Oh…You mean the “coup”???

Wake up idiot

What is your use on this message board besides partisan sheep troll?

Such an informed response here from toilet wine, the “MINO” (moderate in name only).