If nothing else

2022 is going to be fun…. For everyone.

The rise of the Trump party.

Isn’t that the same guy who was stealing from Trump supporters, lying about the wall, and spending the money on themselves in which two of the fraudsters pleaded guilty while Bannon got a pardon?

I wonder how many of these ran in their primaries unopposed…

There were quite a few in Indiana. And Trump usually endorses the favorites or at least doesn’t put his name behind someone who has no chance.

So I don’t put a lot of stock in that stat.

Bannon or whomever wrote that doesn’t know how to spell “endorced” :laughing:

Traditionally, endorsements have not been very effective with respect to voter compulsion. That was then, and this is now. A Trump endorsement can be an election-changer. Trump represents what was once called the Silent Majority in this nation, decent humans from wonderful families throughout the nation. Many are god-fearing but almost all persons of high moral comportment such as members in this forum: Skeeter, GSC, Stormfront, Indiana, and including the civil rights icon bikki228.

Except it’s not the majority. Over 30 years of national popular votes shows that. But, nobody ever expects you to be honest

That sure worked out well in GA not long ago. :laughing: