I Told You So

For years, I have warned of the peril of Muslim immigration into the West.

Sweden once one of the most peaceful countries on earth is now the second most dangerous country on the planet What is really mind numbing is that Swedes have no idea why this has transpired, at least they dare not open their eyes or express the truth. They are stifled by leftist beliefs about compassion and tolerance. They believe what is palpably untrue. Islam is a religion which propagates militant supremacist behavior which it has done for the last 1,400 years. Islam is not a religion of peace. Its bedrock beliefs are inherently radical, and its most pious adherents are terrorists such as those that belong to Al Qaeda, the former caliphate, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood itself. To think that Biden like Obama is asking members of the Muslim Brotherhood to root out conservative white supremacists from our military is complete madness.

Take note that already Muslims are beating Jews in both NYC and Los Angeles Members of the Democrat Party openly support Hamas. DJ writes that were he a Palestinian, he’d be fighting Israel himself. There is a choice in this world between civilization and barbarism. Leftists and their kumbayah masochistic tolerance actually believe that leftism will turn barbarians into patriots. They are fools who will have surprised expressions on their facea while barbarians are separating their heads from their bodies.

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