I need an explanation

Let’s assume for the sake of argument that these reports are correct and Trump did make an attempt to order his way back to the capitol building. What legal implication would that have? I’m struggling here to understand why Democrats/liberals are absolutely obsessed over this one Datapoint.



What is so wrong and evil about this?

Also…Imagine thinking that CNN is capable of dropping a fact, let alone a bombshell

Deflection ^^

Why not just answer instead of acting like a little girl?

If true, it would lend credence to Trump directing a planned and illegal overthrow of a valid election.

Ok- but how so? You think part of Trump’s plan was to physically fight his own security only to be whisked away against his will?

First, by his actions long before and leading up to this situation. This particular moment was one of many and as president, he thought he had free reign to do whatever he wanted.

Forget the motorcade situation for a second. Lets just say he never said he was going with them to the capital. He already told them to march there. He knew they were armed. He bashed Pence endlessly.

It wouldn’t matter.

I agree with GSC on the overall point. Whether or not Trump tried to go to the Capitol doesn’t make him more or less guilty of anything.

It is funny that GSC was all DENY DENY DENY until now, when he’s backed in a corner, he changes to WHO CARES. But his point stands.

I’ve said before, I think Trump wanted a big showing - he was attempting to influence the vote count / certification in a number of ways - but I’m not sure he was caught in anything illegal. These hearings are setting the historical record, they’re filling Americans in on behind-the-scenes aspects they may not already know, but I don’t think there are any smoking guns that will get Trump in trouble.

To be clear - it’s obvious to me that Trump acted illegally. However, he’s done it in such a way that he can distance himself from serious criminal risk.

Even if he is criminally indicted (doubtful), I don’t think you’d get a jury to convict.

The best thing that can come out of these hearings is Trump’s political career ending. And even if it doesn’t I’m sure he’s prepping on how to defend himself against what will be endless attacks from his opponents accusing him of attempting to overthrow a lawful election (which he did in fact try to do).

Omg what the hell are you talking about? I never saw this little testimonial as anything significant BUT when a secret service agent who says he was there (and Hutchinson was not) denies/rebuts the account that’s not me denying it. That’s him denying it and me reporting it.

But once again I state for the liberals, what difference would it make if Trump wanted to go back to the Capitol.

Here’s the lawyer in me- watch.

“He wanted to go back to tell everyone to leave.”

Refute that.


If the is were the case don’t you think he would have told people to stop rioting at the capital hours before he actually did?

Good lord you’re lost.

We’re not. You are. You GOPers ignored all the other testimony and went after Cassidy Hutchison, as if that was the only one there. These stories are in response…of which there are quite a few. I think people like Barr are more heavy witnesses. But, what the fuck do you care? We’ve seen your responses. Trump could literally do anything and you’d justify it

So no answer?

He answered you. We are talking to a wall. You don’t care about rationality. You care about being right and defending your messiah (not jesus) till death.


You were saying Hutchinson wasn’t credible, and that it was hearsay, and that no one backed up the claims, or pointing out that Trump wasn’t in the Beast, etc. Everybody here saw you in deny mode, no need to pretend it didn’t happen.

But they don’t care @GardenStateCane

And at the moment I said it that was all true. Apparently there are SS agents that say her story is not true.

……ok. First of all, it’s not the SS. We aren’t 1940 Germany. It’s the USSS.

Second, people are corroborating her story. Along with the fact that - you know - Trump had been claiming fraud 8 months before the election happened.

Claimed it when the election did happen.

Lost 60+ court cases after it happened, and incited a riot before the official certification and was impeached as a a result.

Stop. Biden sucks. Trump sucks too. Let’s pray to god there are two candidates other than them for 2024.