I hope none of you are here

This can’t be real.

If so, I’m sure Storm will tell us how it was.


This is hilarious. Unfortunately, when your entire platform is full of baseless, easily debunked, and anonymous conspiracy theories, it’s easy for someone else to hijack that platform.

This is a fascinating read about how R took over the hearts and minds of Q fans.


I haven’t seen you or anyone else debunk anything.

What I’ve witnessed is you guys claim a conspiracy and then 3-6 months later the conspiracy is mainstream news. Has happened over and over again.


The moon is really a planet in the Atlantic Ocean.


More believable than Russia Russia Russia

You’re right, the Pope is dead.

I love how you guys always point to this, over and over again. Especially since their interference in the 2016 election is a 100% fact. There isn’t even a question about it. I mean, FFS, trump was begging them for help on national TV.

Ok, well you let me know when the ghost of JFK shows up at dealy plaza.

I’m actually interested in the narrative after none of the night occured as planned.

How in the fuck do you move goalposts like this?

They’ve been doing it since Day 1. The “Storm” was supposed to happen in November 2017. There was supposed to be mass suicide in February 2018. Biden’s inauguration was supposed to end in a military tribunal. The blackouts were to arrest (and later kill) the Pope. They have literally been wrong again and again.

This one even too crazy for @Stormfront to touch? That would be EPIC



You know that’s true when he immediately tries to derail the thread by changing the subject.

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